'Teen Mom' Special Disappears From MTV Schedule After Taylor Selfridge's Racist Tweets Resurface

Teen Mom fans were eager to catch Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton's special Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET [...]

Teen Mom fans were eager to catch Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton's special Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, but were thrown for a loop when the hour-long show was instead replaced by Catfish seemingly at the last minute and with no prior announcement. Fans speculated that resurfaced racist tweets put out by Selfridge may have had something to do with the decision, and MTV later confirmed that it pulled the episode and severed ties with Selfridge because of the racist statements.

One user dug up tweets from Selfridge that were from seven years ago in which she wrote multiple racist tweets, including one that read, "...I hate it when white girls talk like they're black." Before MTV issued an official statement regarding that specific matter, viewers brought up the network's general stance on the Black Lives Matter movement and its recent actions against one of the members of their hit reality competition show, The Challenge. Dee Nguyen will no longer be a part of the series after the conclusion of this season's previously taped episodes air following racist remarks made by her over the weekend that offended multiple members of the show. Wharton also is a frequent competitor on The Challenge.

The special, which was called Teen Mom OG At Home: Cory & Taylor's Baby Special, was supposed to showcase the couple's birth of their daughter, Mila Mae Wharton, who was born on April 22. The episode was self-recorded by the two parents amid the coronavirus pandemic and was going to spotlight the struggles they had due to the outbreak as well how the family of three have coped together in quarantine.

Ahead of the special, the couple went on a bit of a media tour documenting the past few months of their relationship. In an interview with E! News, Wharton shared that being together 24/7 throughout this process has "brought us closer together." He was excited for fans to see the special, as well, saying it was a "cool" episode that they put together. Wharton's ex, Cheyenne Floyd, was also going to appear as she has been instrumental in helping the new parents. Wharton, who has a daughter, Ryder, with Floyd, said that altogether, "we're a very big, weird, blended family."

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