'Teen Mom': Ryan Edwards 'Completely Destroyed' His Family's Home, Police Report Reveals

More details on Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards legal troubles have surfaced. Ashley's Reality Roundup reported that Ryan "completely destroyed" the home in Tennessee that he previously lived in with his estranged wife, Mackenzie Edwards. This reportedly occurred in February weeks before he was ordered to go to rehab. 

Ashley's Reality Roundup obtained a copy of the police report about the incident. The report outlines how police arrived at the residence on Feb. 10, one day after Mackenzie took out a temporary restraining order against Ryan. The reporting officer, Deputy Madyson Hazen, wrote that the house had been "completely destroyed" and that nearly everything in the residence was left in a state of disarray (aside from Ryan's possessions and the items in the bedrooms belonging to their children). The house reportedly had several bedroom windows shattered, appliances spray painted, and walls that were torn apart and damaged. 

"The refrigerator was tipped over and leaned against the counter, and the doors were open and had been written on in permanent marker. I observed a loaded AK-47 style rifle on the kitchen counter," Deputy Hazen wrote. "The microwave had been spray painted blue, the dining room table was flipped over and had been spray painted with profanities, as had the patio window and other walls in the house. There was also writing in black marker on the walls." As Teen Mom fans might recall, Ryan and Mackenzie's latest issues began when he alleged that she cheated on him. According to Deputy Hazen, Ryan allegedly referenced those allegations by writing them on the walls of the house. 

"Most of the graffiti on the walls were allegations of infidelity against Ms. Edwards," the officer wrote. "There was also glass all over the floor as several windows had been broken. Deputies observed a wedding photo hanging in the hallway had also been written on." Things got worse when it came to the primary bedroom, as Hazen wrote, "Deputies also observed the master bedroom had an odor consistent with fecal matter but nothing was located." The report noted that the bedroom was "damaged" and had "items strewn about."

Ryan was reportedly arrested at his job on the same day that officers were called to the chaotic scene at the house. When he was arrested, they detected some incriminating evidence on him, with Hazen writing, "Upon searching Mr. Edwards, I observed white paint on the tops and sides of his boots which appeared to match what I observed on the floor of the Edwards' residence." A month after this went down, Ryan pleaded guilty to the charge of harassing his estranged wife. He was not only ordered to go to rehab, but he was also sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of probation during which he has to wear a GPS monitor. In addition to this legal matter, Ryan and Mackenzie are in the midst of a divorce. Amid the ongoing drama surrounding the pair, Mackenzie filed for divorce from Ryan in late February after six years of marriage.