'Teen Mom': Ryan Edwards Arrested on Drug and Harassment Charges

Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards has, once again, found himself in legal trouble. Page Six reported that Edwards was arrested for allegedly harassing his wife, Mackenzie Edwards. This news comes days after Ryan took to Instagram to make a series of accusations about Mackenzie and alleged that she cheated on him

Ryan wasn't just arrested on harassment charges. He was also booked on possession of drugs and a controlled substance. As Page Six pointed out, he was arrested on Friday. A day before his arrest, he criticized Mackenzie online and posted a revealing photo of her. The photo appeared to showcase Mackenzie, whose face was not in the snap, wearing a jacket with nothing underneath. While the post has since been deleted, Mackenzie reportedly went to the police on Friday due to the post.

She reported that Ryan posted "revealing photos of her to his Instagram account." Officers from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office stated, "The photographs did not show nudity, but were revealing." Mackenzie also went to the police regarding her order of protection against Ryan, which she was granted on Thursday. She claimed that Ryan contacted her father so that he could let Mackenzie know that he would be picking up belongings from their home. According to the police, this was a violation of the protective order. In addition to these allegations, there was also an outstanding warrant against Ryan for allegedly harassing Mackenzie. The warrant was reportedly taken out on Wednesday. 

This latest update comes shortly after Ryan began making public accusations about Mackenzie on social media. In late January, he accused Mackenzie of cheating on him. He even commented on an old photo that Mackenzie posted of the pair to write, "Take wife down off this I'm not proud of being married to someone that stays out in bars and goes home with others guys….tomorrow can't get here fast enough!" He added, "[Don't] you know what happens when u lay with dogs?….wait look at who I'm talking to. And then blaming it on my addiction yea divorce is the right thing." Days after making these allegations, he spoke to The Sun. Ryan told the outlet that he was "wrong" and that Mackenzie "isn't that kind of person." The former Teen Mom OG star added that their relationship was a "work in progress."