'Teen Mom OG' Star Mackenzie McKee Says Son Is Having Behavioral Issues at School: 'My Heart Is Broken'

Mackenzie McKee is asking her fellow moms for advice after learning her 4-year-old son Broncs has [...]

Mackenzie McKee is asking her fellow moms for advice after learning her 4-year-old son Broncs has been "being a bad boy" at school. The Teen Mom OG star took to Twitter feeling broken hearted and "defeated," polling her followers for what she should do next to combat the behavioral issues he's been having and noting she never had to deal with this with son Gannon, 9, and daughter Jaxie, 6.

The MTV star's followers pointed out that Broncs could be feeling a lot of turbulence in his life, having just moved to Florida with his family less than a year after losing grandmother Angie Douthit to cancer, all while his mom and dad, Josh McKee, try to figure out their marriage after splitting and getting back together a number of times.

"Also just a recommendation, i wouldn't let him hear you say that he's a bad boy," one of McKee's followers noted. "I would change the term to he's showing bad behavior but he is NOT a bad boy or a bad person." The fitness coach responded that she makes sure to "live on words of affirmation" to her kids. "I always make sure to let them know that they are better than their actions. Instead of telling them they ARE their actions," she continued. "I'm just so defeated and feel like I went wrong somewhere. He is my last and he is my nicu baby."

It could be because McKee has so much love for her little one that going to pre-K has been such a difficult experience, she admits. "And I definitely spoiled him, never put him in daycare or really leave my side his entire life," the reality star added. "He just stayed by my side and you couldn't convince me that he didn't hang the moon. So when I sent him off to pre k and hearing this I'm just blaming myself for babying him too long." Being reassured that everything she was experiencing was a normal part of being a mother, the Teen Mom star ended her Twitter thread, "Wow so many uplifting mommas. I love this thread, thank you Thank you!"

It's definitely been a difficult year for McKee's family, mourning the loss of Douthit, who died in December 2019 after a long battle with cancer. In August, Josh and Mackenzie split up, citing infidelity on both sides, but have since reconciled. In April, she told PopCulture.com that rebuilding her relationship with Josh left her feeling "deeply wounded and betrayed." Moving forward, Mackenzie said she would be listening to God. "If I was listening to social media, the right thing to do is divorce him," she explained, adding her family wanted them to stay together. "I can't listen to humans anymore, they're too confusing."