'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Draws Controversy for Not Wearing a Mask During Group Outing

Mackenzie McKee's latest Instagram post has become a hotbed for debate after the Teen Mom OG star shared a maskless photo from a night out with friends in Miami, Oklahoma, alongside husband Josh McKee. "Fun with friends," McKee captioned the photo from the date night, not addressing their decision not to wear a face mask in public as the U.S. hits 238,000 deaths due to COVID-19.

Many people in the comments section urged McKee and her friends to wear a mask, which health officials worldwide attribute to dramatically lessening the spread of the coronavirus. "Wear a mask ....come on," one person wrote, as another chimed in, "Where’s your mask? Seriously everyone should be wearing them."

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Others came to McKee's defense, with one person writing, "Why do y’all care about her life so much? Do you pay her bills? ... If she doesn’t wanna wear a mask (especially in a photo) AWESOME, her choice. Maybe tomorrow she wants to wear 3 mask, a face shield, gloves & a nose plug. WHY DOES IT MATTER?! worry about yourself." That prompted a response from another fan, who commented, "It matters when one of them gets sick or spreads it to the kids or someone else’s family members." Another piled on, "Not a choice to get sick or die by someone who is not using common sense. It’s mandatory to wear one and it’s a law in my state and it’s plain common sense to wear one. Not a choice just common sense."

The photo also caused drama over the status of her relationship with Josh, as the MTV couple split up in August after six years of marriage amid infidelity on both sides, but has since reconciled for the sake of their three kids. McKee responded to a comment defending their decision to be together, "dats it. We’re best friends."


In April, she told PopCulture.com that rebuilding her relationship with her husband had left her feeling "deeply wounded and betrayed." While she admitted she had "not been the best wife," caring more about "fame" than showing Josh attention, Mackenzie said of the infidelity, "It did change the way I feel about him since last year."

"If I was listening to social media, the right thing to do is divorce him," Mackenzie added, saying her family wanted them to stay together, but she was leaning on God now for her decision. "I can't listen to humans anymore, they’re too confusing."