'Teen Mom' Star Mackenzie McKee Admits to Having an Affair

Mackenzie McKee has done a complete 180 amid her divorce from Josh McKee. She previously had shared that her husband had cheated on her with her cousin but then backtracked on her initial claim, even making light of the situation at one point. It turns out that the Teen Mom star was actually the one guilty of cheating earlier in the relationship.

Appearing on an Instagram Live series called the Domenick Nati Show, McKee revealed that she had an affair with another man that lasted six months. She recalled the details, saying that it occurred in 2017 and that when Josh discovered it, "he left me." He later gained full custody, she said, adding that it was one thing that never made it to the Internet. She explained her decision to explore her other options, "He wasn't giving me what I needed in a man, so I found it in someone else." The affair, though, never made its way on the show because it happened while she was not filming with MTV. The two found a way to work themselves back together for the latest season before things eventually fell apart once again in the wake of her mother's passing.

In that same interview, McKee didn't give herself too many compliments, explaining that she was not "a good wife." The reason for that was because she shared that it was hard "to figure out how to be a wife at the age of 18," adding that she was "heartless." Their troubles reportedly ramped up whenever McKee became pregnant. She admitted that with each birth — the couple has three kids together between the ages of three and eight — she would tell Josh, that he "ruined" her life. Speaking about Josh, she noted that he always wanted a "normal life," and with all of that went on, he never "got to enjoy a good pregnancy."


At the beginning of June, Josh spoke out after his wife made those heavy accusations about him and her cousin. He uploaded a quote to Instagram that read, "Better worry about your own sins, cause God ain't gonna ask you about mine." His caption followed by saying, "I'm just here for the comments." He added more context in the comments, responding to a fan by saying he's "been through the ringer" as a result of Teen Mom, adding that this is "not a one-sided ball." His message then appears to support what McKenzie admitted in her latest conversation.