'Teen Mom OG' Star Mackenzie Edwards Blasts Troll Who Calls Her 'Trashy'

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards isn't letting internet trolls get her down, especially when it concerns her Chick-fil-A! The Teen Mom OG star, who is married to Ryan Edwards, took down a follower who called her a "trashy fast fooder" after she documented her trip to the fast-food restaurant after a workout Monday. Joking that the employees know her by name due to how often she orders from there, Edwards was shocked to see the person in front of her drive-thru ask to see a menu.

"This person has never been to Chick-fil-A," the MTV personality continued, as per InTouch Weekly. "Now, I wanna know how you got somebody that doesn’t know anything on the menu at Chick-fil-A … and then you have somebody like myself." It was a harmless story, so Edwards was shocked to get a message from one of her followers after telling it reading, "Not everyone is a trashy fast fooder."

"OK, Kathy, thank you for pointing out that I'm a 'trashy fast fooder.' I like all the fooders. My belly is full, and my heart is blessed. Whatchu gonna do about it?” Edwards responded, joking of the Christian-founded company, "But you better be careful talking about God’s chosen chicken like that." She went even further, changing her Instagram bio to "Trashy Fast Fooder" and saying in another Instagram Story, "Where my other trashy fast fooders at? At least this trashy fast fooder is blessed and highly favored because that is the Lawd’s chicken." She even hit up Taco Bell the following day, captioning a photo of her order, "Ain't no shame in my trashy fast fooder game."

MAckenzie Edwards Taco Bell
(Photo: Mackenzie Edwards)

Edwards is used to getting negative comments on social media, revealing in January that she kept her pregnancy with daughter Stella, born Jan. 1, private to avoid those people while expecting. "To be really honest, most of the comments on my pictures are ridiculously mean, especially about how I look and how much weight I gain and how ugly I am or how I'm a terrible mother/wife," she wrote on Instagram at the time. "I really can't ever win. I didn't want to surround myself/deal with that while being pregnant."

Since the birth of Stella, Edwards has embraced a fitness-focused lifestyle, explaining in August she had gone gluten and dairy-free, having "reverse dieted out of keto into moderate carbs." Last month, she shared a gym selfie, writing in the caption, "What is your 'why'? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you keep going when you want to quit? Why do you want to be a better you? Or why do you not? Why do you stand up for what you believe in? We all have to answer these questions. It's up to us to decide why we want to do things. My 'why' is my family and my children. Be better. Be stronger. Be you. That's my 'why.'"