'Teen Mom: Family Reunion': Briana DeJesus' Ex Arrives, and Things Soon Turn Chaotic

Teen Mom 2 star Devoin Austin joined the party on Teen Mom: Family Reunion during Tuesday's episode. But, his reunion with ex Briana DeJesus wasn't entirely a happy one. When DeJesus and Austin sought help from Dr. Cheyenne Bryant about their co-parenting relationship, the discussion soon took a major turn. 

After talking with the other moms on the trip, DeJesus decided to invite Austin to the retreat. Things between the pair, who share 10-year-old daughter Nova, began friendly enough after his arrival. Austin even told DeJesus some happy news, sharing that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend Jasmin. DeJesus was happy for her ex and even told the camera that she just wants him to be happy and successful in life. Unfortunately, the good vibes didn't last much longer. 

To get to the root of their issues, DeJesus and Austin sat down with therapist Dr. Bryant. Austin began by saying that the "downfall" of the pair's relationship began with "inconsistency," especially in regards to their schedules. He went on to say that Nova hasn't been visiting him lately. Austin explained that even though Nova has told him that she wants to visit, he later hears from DeJesus that she doesn't want to come over. When asked by Bryant whether DeJesus can depend on him, Austin says that she trusts him to be there. However, she doesn't agree. 

As an example, DeJesus said that Austin didn't come over to help set up Nova's birthday party. He didn't think that it was that big of a deal, saying that he had things at home to take care of. The two began to get angry with one another, as they had different opinions regarding how serious this issue is. After Austin shared his frustrations about his former partner's role in his relationship with Nova, Bryant tells him that nothing that DeJesus does can "override" the "experience" that he has with his daughter. 


DeJesus went on to speak about the inconsistencies that she's experienced with Austin. She claimed that at one point, Austin was living from couch to couch over a period of five years. He took issue with this, saying that the period of time was only a year and a half. Austin continued to get angry as he said that he didn't want to be lied about on camera. The episode ended with Austin threatening to leave the scene if things continue to go in the same direction.