'Teen Mom: Family Reunion': Aftermath of Jade and Ashley's Fight Revealed

Teen Mom: Family Reunion picked up where things left off in the premiere a.k.a. in the midst of a fight between Jade Cline and Ashley Jones. On Tuesday night's episode, they took steps in order to reconcile following the dramatic moment. But, were they able to work through their issues?

At the end of the premiere, Cline and Jones were being held apart by the production team as they attempted to fight. The pair were promptly separated for the rest of the night. Alas, the Teen Mom 2 stars were brought together later on in the episode when Maci Bookout had them be partners for a bonding activity. They were able to make it through the kayaking excursion as a pair, but the tension was still there. 

All of the moms participated in a group activity led by the life coach, during which they aired out their feelings. At this point, Cline apologized to everyone in the room for her behavior the other night. Although, in her confessional, Jones said that she didn't appreciate that the apology wasn't directed at her specifically, as she was the one who had the issue with Cline. By the end of the episode, the two were able to discuss the situation further. 

Briana DeJesus, who is close with Cline, served as a sort of mediator for the discussion. DeJesus began by saying that she didn't think her comment of "f— the fakeness" would set everything off. She also made sure that there was no issue between her and Jones. Still, there was tension between Cline and Jones that needed to be resolved. Jones explained that she has two sides to her and the girls may have seen the negative side more since they don't know each other well enough. Cline then said that her real problem was that Jones seemed to be downplaying their beef and, consequently, her feelings over what occurred in the past. 


Jones expressed that she understood where Cline was coming from. She said that she can joke around at times, but some of the things that she's said to Cline were "not appropriate" especially as they don't know each other. She then apologized and the two were able to hug it out. In both of their confessionals, the reality stars shared that the conversation turned out well. Cline said that she believed that Jones' apology was genuine. As for Jones, she said that the pair can move forward with "mutual respect."