'Teen Mom: Family Reunion' Premiere Ends With Explosive Fight

Teen Mom: Family Reunion premiered with a bang on Tuesday night. Considering that the show brought together cast members from Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG, it was only a matter of time before drama ensued. The tension between Teen Mom 2's Jade Cline and Ashley Jones has been brewing for years at this point, and things finally came to a head.

In the premiere, a life coach urged all of the cast members to express their feelings in the form of yelling them out. While many of them shared how they personally wanted to grow during the course of the retreat, Briana DeJesus took things a step further by screaming "f— the fakeness!" After the life coach asked her what she was referring to, she said that her statement was directed towards Jones. She took issue with the fact that Jones was being cordial to both her and Cline despite their past drama. 

Jones then took responsibility for her past comments and said that she shouldn't have said anything on social media. She also apologized to DeJesus. The situation still didn't sit well with Cline, who chimed in to say that Jones had been slandering her for years and even recently as a couple of weeks before the retreat. Jones, once again, accepted responsibility for the role that she played in the drama. However, Cline didn't want the issue to be swept under the rug and said that Jones should have come to her as an adult before this point. Things between the two got heated, as they got closer to one another. But, the other women and the production team stepped in before things became physical. 

The drama didn't stop there. The group later gathered along with the life coach, who said that this issue probably won't be resolved at that time. Cline, who was still frustrated, nearly came to blows with Jones once again before she was pulled away by a member of the production team. Jones responded to her castmate by twerking as they both argued. The episode ended with Jones attempting to get physical with Cline and both of the women were separated by production. 

In advance of the premiere, Cline offered some insight into her altercation with Jones. She told PopCulture.com that it was "about time" that they hashed their issues out. She added, "I think that there was a lot of stuff that was going on previously that I felt like it was time to get it all out of the air. And honestly, the kind of person I am, it was the first night and I felt like ... I have to get off my chest how I'm feeling the first night so it's not like this awkward, weird energy the rest of the trip."