'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Explains Carly's Adoption to Nova in 'The Next Chapter' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are getting candid with 7-year-old daughter Nova about their decision to place older sister Carly for adoption when they had her at just 16 years old 13 years ago. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter's all-new episode Tuesday, Catelynn reveals to her husband that Nova had mentioned being "sad" when she picked her up from school that day. 

"She just started sobbing. She was like, 'I really miss Carly. Why did you have to separate us?'" recounts the 16 and Pregnant alum, who is also mom to daughters Vaeda, 3, and Rya, 1. "It just never occurred to me when I was making the decision at 16 how it would impact my future children, you know?" Tyler agrees, "I guess I never really thought about affecting them in a negative way."

The MTV parents revisit the issue with Nova when she enters the kitchen, asking her what about Carly's adoption makes her so sad. "It felt like that's my sister and I can't see her that much," Nova responds. "Like, imagine getting split up from your sister or your brother." Catelynn and Tyler agree, "That would be sad."

Nova then asks how old her mom was when she was pregnant with Carly and is shocked to hear the answer. "That is not a grownup! You should be like 40 or something!" she exclaims, as Tyler responds that 40 is a "great age" to be having a family. Nova then asks, "Why did you think about having a baby that early?" to which her dad responds, "We didn't. We weren't being responsible. We made bad choices."

Catelynn steps in to explain that when she and Nova's dad learned they were going to have a baby, they didn't have a car or job and were still in school, so they knew they couldn't raise a child at the time. "You should have asked God for a baby later," Nova responds, as Tyler tries to explain how it's "not really God" that gave them Carly. "Well, then how does the baby produce in your stomach?" Nova asks as Tyler and Catelynn burst out laughing, trying to explain the process as similar to how animals make a baby. 


With the birds and the bees covered, Catelynn tells Tyler she would love to get together with Carly and her family this summer so that she can meet her little sister Rya before she turns 2 years old. Will they be able to make a reunion work? Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.