'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Says She's 'Done' With Franchise After Dramatic Finale

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is apparently "done" with the franchise. Following Tuesday's dramatic finale, fans shared their opinions on Lowry's future with the show. But, according to the reality star herself, she doesn't have a future with the Teen Mom franchise. 

The Instagram account Teen Mom Tea shared that Lowry responded to a fan on Facebook to tell them that she was "done" with the show. The fan originally wrote that they would "never watch" Teen Mom 2 again if Lowry left. In turn, the reality star said that it may be time for them to tune out then. Lowry wrote, "I am done!" She went on to write that she "declined the new show," Teen Mom: Family Reunion, and Girls Night In. While she did not specify whether this meant that she was "done" with Teen Mom 2 as well, it certainly sounds as though it might be the case. 

Fans got to see Lowry voice her concerns about Teen Mom 2 during Tuesday's finale. One of the producers asked her what her issues were in regards to filming, and Lowry responded that it stemmed from talking about her children's fathers. She claimed that production treats her differently than her other co-stars and that they are always "hounding" her to talk about co-parenting matters. The MTV personality said, "I don't want to give you the stuff that I'm doing when I'm not respected in the same way as them."

Then, executive producer Larry Musnik tried to get at the root of the issue with Lowry. He said that it's only natural that they would ask her about her kids' fathers since there are "a lot of moving pieces" with "four boys, three dads." Lowry was then asked whether she continues to work on her podcasts while taking a step back from the show and she said that she actually makes more money podcasting than she does on Teen Mom 2. Musnik said that this is only possible because of her connection to the show, which prompted Lowry to fiip everyone off while saying, "Love y'all." 

Lowry later shared a statement on social media about the dramatic conversation. Although, it sounded as though she was saying goodbye to longtime fans of the series, as she wrote, "Thankful for the opportunities & never discredit that I was able to branch out bc of it. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey! Can't wait to watch everyone's stories unfold in future episodes!" Based on her most recent social media statement, it seems as though she's officially "done" with Teen Mom for good.