'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Returns Following Prior Absence

Kailyn Lowry was absent from last week's episode of Teen Mom 2. However, she was featured on Tuesday night's episode of the show. Lowry's storyline revolved around her son, Isaac, whom she has been helping find his passion amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality star previously said on Instagram that she did not appear in the previous episode of Teen Mom 2 as she did not feel as though the segment that she was meant to film was "authentic" to who she is. While she did not share what the segment would have entailed, it has been reported that it possibly had something to do with her arrest following an alleged domestic violence incident with her ex, Chris Lopez.

On Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Lowry kept things light as her storyline revolved around her family. Throughout the season, the MTV personality has been in the midst of making a plan for the construction of her new house in Delaware. At the top of the episode, she spoke with a wallpaper company that she has worked with in the past for a collaboration. She asked about whether the company would be able to do another collaboration with her and her son, Isaac, as she explained that she wants him to have a creative outlet.

The wallpaper company promptly agreed on the collab, and Lowry later told her son the good news. Isaac, whom Lowry shares with her ex, Jo Rivera, shared that he was already in the process of designing a space-themed room for one of his little brothers. While Lowry and her family were front and center on Tuesday night's episode, she was missing in action in the previous outing of the series.


As for the reason why, Lowry explained on her Instagram Story that she did not want to film a certain segment with Lopez, with whom she shares her two youngest sons, Lux and Creed. Since she did not film that segment, she was not featured in the episode. The Without a Crystal Ball podcast reported that the segment would have tied back to the reality star's arrest in the fall of 2020 for an alleged domestic violence incident with Lopez, during which she reportedly became physical after her ex cut their son's hair. (Lowry denied that the incident turned physical to police). Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.