'Teen Mom 2' Fans Take Issue With Jenelle Evans for 'Mocking' Her Stepdaughter

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans published the fifth episode of her YouTube series I Have Something To Say Friday, and her viewers were shocked at one particular part of the episode. In the video, Evans went over her and husband David Eason's latest trip to court, where his daughter Maryssa, 11, testified against them for a second time. Evans mocked Maryssa while she recounted the process, angering her fans.

In the series, Evans has been mounting a defense of her parenting skills after child protective services removed her three children from her care for two months in 2019 in the fallout from Eason's shooting of their family dog. In episode five, she revealed that Maryssa has testified against them, reports The Sun. She said the second time went "smoother than the first." Then, she used a high-pitched voice to mock Maryssa.

"Her story went from last time 'David pushed down a door with his two bare hands,'" Evans recalled. "Now it's 'David ripped a screen door off the front door' — we never had a screen door. A few minutes later she goes 'we don't have screen doors on anything.'" Evans said she was surprised. "Then [Maryssa] said she acts happy even when it's a candid video that I've presented to the court," Evans said. "And she claims that she's been scared and not wanted to live with us for the past two years and not wanted to live with us in the first place."

Later, Evans imitated her step-daughter, saying Maryssa told the court, "I just want to go to normal school - I just want to go to my old school." She later added, "So it's like she's doing all this and testifying against us and saying all these bad things just cause she wants to go to her old school."


Viewers were stunned by Evans' treatment of Maryssa. "Why are you mad and pissy at Maryssa for saying she doesn't wanna be with you instead of being concerned that's one or more of your children aren't happy?" one person wrote. "RIGHT?! Like Maryssa is gonna see this!!!" another added. "The way she talked about her is DISGUSTING and TERRIBLE! And all bc that POOR kid got on the stand and told the TRUTH!! But Jenelle HATES the truth!!"

Other fans thought Maryssa should not have been put in that situation in the first place, calling it a reflection of Evans and Eason's parenting. "She's the f—g child, she shouldn't even have to be testifying," one fan wrote. "And you want to blame and shame and put her down when this is y'all's fault to begin with?!! Can you imagine telling the courts the truth and then having to go back with the people you just testified against?" Another wrote, "The fact that she degraded Maryssa her stepdaughter at 12:00 is foul and DISGUSTING!!"