Jenelle Evans Says Stepdaughter Maryssa Wants to Be a Vet, and Twitter Is Fainting

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans revealed stepdaughter Maryssa Eason's career aspirations on social media earlier this week, sending fans into a tizzy. Following news that David Eason allegedly shot and killed the family dog, Nugget, Evans revealed that Maryssa wants to be a veterinarian.

Evans, 28, shared the news in a tweet, posting photos from the children's first day back to school. The photos showed Maryssa and Evans' son Kaiser holding signs that said what grade they're starting, how old they are, and what they want to be when they grow up. Maryssa's dream of being a vet drew mixed reactions from social media users.

"Hey Jenelle, just wondering how come they go back so early? Do they stop in May? That's awesome :) I love that Maryssa wants to be a vet. That is adorable and makes a lot of sense! Much support," one fan replied.

"Kaiser wants to be a cop, & Maryssa wants to be a Vet. I wonder why. that says it all!! Poor kids! Poor Animals! The system failed the kids and the animals! They get to do whatever the hell they want & it's [f-----] up! All because they have [money]! Jenelle & David are both sick!!!" a second person tweeted.

"I bet she's happy to get out of isolation and be with her peers again. She probably wants to be a veterinarian because she feels the loss and pain of nuggets murder and wants to help innocent animals that are in pain," another critic wrote.

"Anyone think it's ironic Kaiser wants to be a police officer?" a fourth person chimed in.

"Lmao... a police officer to arrest his parents and a vet to save the dogs her dad kills.... classic!" another Twitter user joked.

Evans hasn't responded to the criticism, nor has she deleted the post.

Despite all the drama, the former MTV personality remains adamant that she's a good mom. She recently took to social media to let fans know as much. She did so in response to a hater who said that if she were a "good Mom" she wouldn't "have to get on social media and announce to the world that she's a good Mom."

"Well guess what? I'm A DAMN GOOD MOM AND WILL SHOUT IT UNTIL YOUR EARS BLEED," Evans tweeted.


Fans were unconvinced, however. Evans continues to take a significant amount of heat over the shooting of Nugget.