'Teen Mom 2': Arrest Warrant Issued for Jenelle Evans' Ex

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, is wanted for arrest in North Carolina [...]

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, is wanted for arrest in North Carolina after failing to appear for a court hearing in connection with his 2019 DWI arrest, TMZ reports. A judge signed off on an arrest warrant for the 33-year-old after not showing up for the hearing. During that arrest, Griffith, who shares his son Kaiser with Evans, was arrested in Cary, North Carolina, outside a grocery store and taken into custody.

Radar Online's report detailed how Griffith was allegedly tased out in his car when police arrested him. Sgt. Mike Ring of the Cary Police Department told Radar that Griffith "was found unconscious in the grocery store Harris Teeter's parking lot. His car was running. The fire department notified us when they realized it wasn't medical; it was impairment." Griffith then allegedly failed a series of field sobriety tests. "He was impaired," the officer added. "Empty alcohol containers were found in the car. No drugs were found at the scene."

However, Griffith told TMZ at the time that he was not in the car when police stopped him, saying that his keys were actually locked inside the car and that he was walking to meet friends at a restaurant. He said that police responded to a report of a man sleeping in his car but that he had been walking for five minutes when police stopped him.

That's not the only legal drama going on in Griffith's life; he and Evans recently came to a custody agreement over their 6-year-old son Kaiser after a lengthy and messy legal battle. Evans celebrated the "good news" on social media in October after a judge signed off the custody terms, which saw Evans retaining primary physical custody and Griffith getting custody every other weekend. Both parents share legal custody of Kaiser and are banned from talking poorly about one another in front of him.

Throughout the custody battle, Griffith accused Evans' husband, David Eason, of physically abusing his child. In July, he ranted against Columbus County Emergency Services in North Carolina for not listening to his concerns about his son. "How do you [explain] marks on my son's back, [his] black eye, whip marks on his rear end, continuous police investigation," Griffith wrote on Twitter at the time. "Charges against David Eason for multiple violence and aggressive behavior … NOTHING HAPPENS. What am I supposed to do besides being a panic parent!"

The allegations of abuse go back years; in a January 2019 episode of Teen Mom 2, Griffith refused to leave Kaiser with Evans and Eason because he believed Eason was abusing his son, with both his mother and Evans' mother backing him up on those claims. Child Protective Services have made numerous visits to Evans' and Eason's home and even temporarily removed the couple's kids from the home after Eason shot and killed the family dog in April 2019. A judge restored normal custody to the couple in July 2019.