Jenelle Evans Reaches Custody Agreement With Ex Nathan Griffith for Son Kaiser

Jenelle Evans and ex Nathan Griffith have come to a custody agreement over 6-year-old son Kaiser [...]

Jenelle Evans and ex Nathan Griffith have come to a custody agreement over 6-year-old son Kaiser after a lengthy and messy legal battle. The former Teen Mom 2 star celebrated the "good news" on Twitter after TMZ reported Tuesday that a judge had signed off on their custody terms, which has Evans retaining primary physical custody and Griffith getting custody every other weekend.

Every fifth weekend, Griffith's mother will care for Kaiser, and she will also be able to fill in for Griffith if he isn't able to be there for his son one weekend. Holidays will have a detailed schedule as well — Kaiser will celebrate Thanksgiving with his mom during even years and his dad on odd. On Christmas, Kaiser will spend Christmas morning with Evans, and then head over to his dad's for the afternoon through Dec. 27. During the summer, Griffith will get six weeks straight with his son when school is out. Both parents do share legal custody of Kaiser and are being left to determine exchange points for themselves, but are banned from talking poorly about one another in front of their child.

This is the conclusion of a long and messy custody battle, during which Griffith accused Evans' husband, David Eason, of physically abusing his child. In July, he took to Twitter with a rant against Columbus County Emergency Services in North Carolina for not listening to his concerns about his son. "Since NOOOOO one is hearing, I will say this. [Columbus County Emergency Services] will not help, social services tried their hardest, but NOOOO one listened … [It] makes me [realize] there is something wrong with the justice system," Griffith wrote at the time. "How do you [explain] marks on my son's back, [his] black eye, whip marks on his rear end, continuous police investigation. Charges against David Eason for multiple violence and aggressive behavior … NOTHING HAPPENS. What am I supposed to do besides being a panic parent!"

The allegations of abuse go back years, as in a January 2019 episode of Teen Mom 2, Griffith refused to leave Kaiser with Evans and Eason because he believed Eason was abusing his son, with both his mother and Evans' mother backing him up with those claims. Child Protective Services have made numerous visits to Evans' home, even temporarily removing the couple's kids from their home after Eason shot and killed the family dog in April 2019. In July 2019, a judge restored normal custody to the couple.