'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans and David Eason Defend Killing Dog With 'Vicious Tendencies'

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are defending themselves more than a year after the former Teen Mom 2 star was let go by MTV when her husband shot and killed the family's French bulldog. Evans released a new video on her YouTube channel on Monday titled "I Have Something to Say" in which she and her husband defended killing Nugget and railed against Child Protective Services for temporarily removing their children from their custody in the aftermath.

"She was a loving dog to me, but she was not loving toward our kids at all. I loved the dog, the kids loved it. But she didn’t love the kids," Eason justified, saying Nugget "didn't play nice" with the kids, biting their feet and the wheels of their bikes while they were playing. "She wasn't always vicious, but she had a lot of vicious tendencies. She really was kinda mean. We put up with it for a long time."

Eason added that his family had always dealt with animals that way. "I took it upon myself to put the dog down, and that’s the way his family has always done it when the dog bites somebody. There's been dogs in the past that bit me and my dad put the dog down," he continued. "A lot of people around here — if your dog goes running in their yard, they'll just shoot it. They’re not gonna call you and tell you. … That's something that I would never do." At the end of the segment about killing the dog, Eason said he was remorseful of the way things happened. "I regret it, but sometimes that’s the way it works," he said. "I wish it hadn’t have had to happen that way."

Evans also accused the CPS agent who took her children from her following the incident "illegally took my children out of the home with no signed judgment saying that she had any grounds to." At the time, Eason and Evans' daughter Ensley, 3, Evans' son Kaiser, 6, and Eason’s 13-year-old daughter, Maryssa, were all removed from the home at the time, where they went to live for a month with other family members. Evans' 11-year-old son, Jace, remained with her mother, Barbara Evans, who has had custody of him for the majority of his life. In July, a judge granted the couple custody of their children again.