'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Alleges She's 'Still Under Contract' With MTV

Jenelle Evans is considering a return to reality TV after she's "free" from her contract with MTV, the former Teen Mom 2 star shared with her TikTok followers this weekend. After being fired from the show in 2019 when husband David Eason shot and killed the family's dog, Evans initially claimed that her contract would expire last year, but said she recently learned that wasn't exactly the case.

Asked about a possible return to TV by one of her followers, Evans responded that she "definitely" would consider another show. "I would love to continue to share my story, but right now is not the time," she explained. "I’m still under contract. So, waiting for May 21st to come up! And then it’s time to party because I will be a free agent."


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In the comments, she explained further, claiming that her contract was officially up after two years since her last episode aired on the network. Being that her last episode was the reunion of the 2019 season, which she called the "Nessa Reunion BS that aired" after host Nessa Diab called her out for comments she made online about football player and activist Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during the national anthem, May would be the month she's official done with MTV.

Evans said she thought her contract ended last year, but "had to call my old producers to figure out stuff" and learned she was still under an agreement with the network. Chelsea Houska, who announced in November that she and husband Cole DeBoer were leaving the show "is under the same rules," Evans claimed, although Houska has not discussed publicly the terms of her contract.


In February 2020, Evans told PopCulture she had been in "limbo" since the previous April, complaining that while she had been "wanting to venture out and do my own things," she was "stuck to this contract." She added, "It's not just other companies. I'm not gonna lie, MTV, they're iffy about if they really wanna let me go or not. So I'm just sitting here, doing my own thing trying to keep YouTube updated, because my fans, they want to know — they're digging into my life, and they want to know what's up!"

She recently started her own YouTube docuseries, Addicted to Growth, having told PopCulture of her plans, "I'm just gonna focus on myself, focus on my brand stepping away from Teen Mom and focusing on myself as a person and not attaching my name to that Teen Mom title."