'Street Outlaws' Star Cali Nate Dies in Car Crash

The 'Street Outlaws' star 'went out doing what he loved,' Nate's girlfriend Courtney Paulshock said.

Nathan Schaldach, a drag racer who appeared on Season 4 of Discovery's Street Outlaws: Fastest in America under the name Cali Nate, has died. Schaldach died in a street racing crash in Eagle Pass, which is about two hours west of San Antonio, Texas, his girlfriend Courtney Paulshock confirmed in a heartbreaking Facebook post Sunday.

"Nate wrecked the Z at Eagle Pass. Waylon and Garrett stayed with him every moment. They got him to the hospital and they just couldn't save him. Those are all of the details I'm giving," Paulshock wrote. "He gets to see his mother and sister again and I know that made him so happy. He went out doing what he loved. And as racers, and racers' better halves, we know that risk every time they strap in. Please be patient with me as I navigate this. I'm still in shock. I just want to wake up.."

Further details about the incident, which occurred Saturday, per The Sun, and follows the 2022 death of fellow Street Outlaws star Ryan Fellows, are not available at this time. In her post, Paulshock added, "on one hand I am shattered.. I'm in shock.. I can feel my heart breaking.. we had plans, we had a full race schedule, we had JUST settled into our new life.. Nate was my person, my soul mate, my world.. I didn't have enough time.. But on the other hand, no amount of time would have been long enough. And I was truly BLESSED to know the kind of love that Nathan gave me and showed me on a daily basis."

News of Paulshock's passing sparked an outpouring of tributes, with one person writing on the death announcement, "can't even believe what I'm reading. We all know it 'can' happen but it never prepares you for when it actually does. Prayers for you." Somebody else commented, "am so sorry Courtney I cannot even imagine the heartache you are feeling. I pray for comfort for you and your family."

Schaldach was best known for appearing on Discovery's Street Outlaws: Fastest in America, a spinoff of the flagship series Street Outlaws. The show centers around eight drag racing teams as they battle it out in a tournament for a $100,000 prize. His season, which saw team Memphis defeat team NOLA, aired in May 2023.