Steve-O Reveals Extreme Medical Procedure He Convinced Doctor to Do Before 'Jackass 4'

The Jackass crew is back, and so are their insane stunts. Steve-O revealed in a new video on his YouTube channel that he even managed to convince a doctor to paralyze him from the waist down for one of the stunts in the upcoming Jackass 4. Sharing a clip of the moment, Steve-O revealed "all kinds of terrible s—" followed the procedure.

"I might have actually talked a doctor into dressing up as a clown so that he could put a four-inch needle into my spine and inject me with a drug that would paralyze me from the waist down while I was sprinting and before all kinds of terrible s— happened to me," the star shared. In another moment from the upcoming film, Steve-O said he was "getting ready to do a world record highest belly flop ever performed into pure piss." Explaining the logistics behind the stunt that was clear to be a favorite of his neighbors, Steve-O added, "That's why I have 190 gallons of piss in my front yard at home."

Steve-O and his Jackass partner Johnny Knoxville have already felt the consequences of filming the fourth of the Jackass movies, both having to be hospitalized just days after filming began, co-star Bam Margera shared on social media in December. Trying to jump onto a moving treadmill while carrying musical instruments didn't exactly go as planned, Margera revealed from the hospital waiting room, joking, "F—in' tubas."

Steve-O might be back at it with the stunts, but he's coming at the Jackass reboot from a very different place, telling Uproxx last year he had been sober since March 2008 and "super active" in his recovery, despite it being much harder to do stunts while sober. Referring to ankle surgery he had to undergo while sober, he recalled, "I mean, when I got my ankle screwed together. There's little more invasive surgery than, what do you call it, compound fracture… open reduction. Open reduction, where they screw your whole ankle together, and I went through that and took zero painkillers other than Tylenol and Advil."


"Of course, when I was in the hospital, they had me under, and they gave me, I'm sure, some kind of IV pain medication on the spot, but I've never even filled out a prescription. Tylenol and Advil for the win," he added. "And when it's really unbearable, Tylenol with Advil. ...But let's be clear, that I never once took a painkiller for pain."