Steve-O Celebrates 13 Years of Sobriety With Transformation Photo

Jackass star Steve-O is celebrating 13 years of sobriety this week and he's commemorated the [...]

Jackass star Steve-O is celebrating 13 years of sobriety this week and he's commemorated the occasions by sharing a stunning transformation photo. Taking to Twitter, Steve-O posted side-by-side pictures of him from 2006 and now, in 2021. In the 15-year-old photo, Steve-O is seen surrounded by many air canister cartridges, which are often used by those with substance abuse issues to huff and get high, more commonly known as "whippets." He was also smoking a cigarette and there appears to be a bottle of liquor behind him.

In the new image, a much healthier-looking Steve-O is surrounded by various vegetables and is holding a bottle of green juice. In a comment on the post, Steve-O expressed his gratitude for celebrating the momentous occasion, and he thanked all his friends who "helped me get here." Steve-O's post has received thousands of likes and retweets, as well as hundreds of comments from supportive fans. "I know I'm just another voice in a sea of thousands but well-done dude. You actually look younger than you did 15 years ago," one fan commented. "As someone who found amusement seeing you do insanely stupid stunts when I was young, I'm happy to see you living like the best as an adult."

In a 2020 interview with Uproxx, Steve-O spoke briefly about his sobriety, saying that he's been "sober since March 10th of 2008," and that he is still "super-active" with going to meetings. He also acknowledged how much harder it has been to do stunts without being on drugs and alcohol, even though it's better for him overall. He specifically referred to an incident involving ankle surgery that was especially difficult.

"I mean, when I got my ankle screwed together. There's little more invasive surgery than, what do you call it, compound fracture… open reduction. Open reduction, where they screw your whole ankle together, and I went through that and took zero painkillers other than Tylenol and Advil," he shared.

"Of course, when I was in the hospital, they had me under, and they gave me, I'm sure, some kind of IV pain medication on the spot, but I've never even filled out a prescription. Tylenol and Advil for the win," Steve-O added. "And when it's really unbearable, Tylenol with Advil." He later added, "But let's be clear, that I never once took a painkiller for pain."