'Sister Wives' Fan Goes After Janelle Brown's Grandkids, But She Isn't Having It

A Sister Wives fan came after Janelle Brown and her grandkids during the recent season finale, but the proud grandmother wasn't having any of it. As the finale aired, Janelle and the rest of the Brown parents live-tweeted the show, as they typically do on Sunday nights. It is important to note that this season had been filmed last year, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic caused mass quarantining to be necessary. At one point, Janelle has a conversation with her husband Kody about going to visit their daughter Madison and her husband Caleb.

The nature of her visit was to be there to support the family while Madison and Caleb's daughter Evangalynn had to have surgery. Evie has a genetic condition known as FATCO syndrome, which causes abnormal bone growth. The toddler had to undergo a procedure involving partial amputation of one leg, and also had webbing clipped on one of her hands, to help improve mobility. As Janelle was tweeting about this, a Twitter user jumped in and tweeted at her about Mykelti, one of the Brown daughters that Kody shares with Christine.

The individual criticized Janelle, tweeting, "So does Mykelti’s kid not count as a grandbaby to you? You sure can’t even make the time to video call the poor girl who is supposedly part of your own family." Janelle was not having the shade, so she shut it down by explaining that Mykelti's daughter Avalon was just recently born — on April 5, 2021, to be exact — and that then ridiculing the "troll" for thinking they "know everything" about her life better than she does.


The viewer later came back and claimed that they were not referring to the specific situation with Madison and Avalon, but rather comments they heard Mykelti make elsewhere. "Mykelti has talked about it in her group on videos," the user tweeted back, "how you and Meri have not even met the baby via video, let alone been there for her during her pregnancy." They then added, "You are the one with the verbal [slip-up] of just the two grandkids." At this time, Janelle does not appear to have responded further to the critical commenter.