Savannah Chrisley Calls out Bobby Bones for His Comments About Her Parents

Savannah Chrisley isn't happy with what Bobby Bones had to say about her parents' legal troubles. Us Weekly reported that Savannah addressed Bones on her Instagram Story after he spoke about Todd and Julie Chrisley's prison sentences. Todd and Julie reported to prison in January after previously being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion

It all began during an episode of The Bobby Bones Show on Tuesday. During the episode, Bones mentioned how Todd and Julie began their prison sentences (Todd was sentenced to 12 years in prison and Julie to 7 years). He said, "Once somebody is convicted and found guilty, you can kind of go, 'Well, they are guilty of this.'" Bones added that he would "eat my crow" on the air "if it comes out and turns out they didn't do this." Although, he added, "But there's really no crow."

At that point, the show's digital director, Morgan Huelsman, claimed that Savannah previously called out Bones for something that he said about her parents. According to Huelsman, Savannah apparently said in an Instagram comment that Bones was allegedly sharing "very inaccurate information" about Todd and Julie. However, Bones said that wasn't the case, explaining, "There is no laughter at the expense of others. There was laughter on if that prison is that fancy and also, expense of others? He went to jail for stealing money." 

Savannah clearly didn't appreciate what Bones had to say. She turned to her Instagram Story to call out the radio host, writing, "So… [Bobby Bones] – if you'd like to discuss my family and the case then let's sit down and do it accurately." The reality star continued, "Yes – BOTH of my parents are incarcerated. That would be one thing that you are correct on." Savannah went on to share a number of studies regarding incarceration rates in the United States, saying that there can be times when there is a "wrongful conviction." She added, "All I ask is for mutual respect and decency. But for now I will meet you where you came for me." Savannah ended her message by writing that she would be open to having a "chat" with Bones about the topic. 

Savannah has not shied away from speaking out in defense of her mom and dad in light of their legal drama. She's also been very open about how this ordeal has affected her. On a recent episode of her Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley podcast, she explained how hard it's been being a caregiver to her brother, Grayson, and niece, Chloe, while her parents are away. Savannah recalled a talk that she had with her father, who put things into perspective. She said, "I had a conversation with my dad and he said, 'This is going to be the hardest, but most rewarding thing you've ever done.' I'm starting to see that."