Todd and Julie Chrisley Prison Sentence for Bank Fraud and Tax Evasion Revealed

Todd and Julie Chrisley learned their prison fate Monday, with the now-former reality stars heading behind bars for several years after their fraud convictions. According to TMZ, Todd Chrisley will serve 12 years in prison, while Julie Chrisley will serve seven years. Both also received 16 months probation.

The couple, best known from the USA Network series Chrisley Knows Best, were found guilty on a slew of charges related to fraud and actually got off lightly compared to what federal prosecutors were fighting for during Monday's hearing.

As TMZ notes, prosecutors were seeking 22 years for Todd Chrisley, and at least 12 years for Julie Chrisley. The sentencing is the culmination of an indictment that first reared its head in 2019.

According to Deadline, the time behind bars isn't the only loss for the Chrisleys. USA Network has canceled Chrisley Knows Best after nine seasons, with a few episodes being filmed for a renewed tenth season a month before their convictions came down. The spin-off, Growing Up Chrisley, featuring children Chase and Savannah, has also been canceled, according to Deadline. The latter had moved to E! Network for its fourth season, which also ended up being the final season for the spin-off.

Also scuttled due to the conviction and lengthy sentence for both is the dating format series Love Limo on E! Network. Todd Chrisley would have hosted the show, which single people would put get love assistance from Chrisley.

The couple were accused of filing false bank statements, audit reports and personal financial statements to bank in exchange for millions in fraudulent loans. This money would then fund their luxury lifestyle as seen on television. They would then use more fraudulent loans to pay back the older loans, eventually spending it all and filing for bankruptcy after amassing $20 million in loans.

On top of everything, Chrisley is also being sued over podcast remarks about a Georgia official who investigated him for tax evasion. The reality star and his wife had been recording their podcast regularly after landing under house arrest post-conviction.

The news also comes amid the couple's son, Grayson Chrisley, totaling his car after rear-ending another vehicle. He suffered injuries that sent him to the hospital. No arrests, charges or citations were issued, according to TMZ.