Ryan Seacrest's 'Live' Exit Reportedly Connected to 'GMA' Shakeup

Ryan Seacrest's recent departure from Live With Kelly and Ryan was a surprise for fans of the show, especially amid concerning reports about the American Idol host's health. But as The Blast points out, Seacrest is leaving the morning show to focus on his other jobs, including one that recently opened up.

As the outlet notes, the folks at Good Morning America and ABC News are kicking around having the American Idol star come in to replace T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. The former GMA3 hosts were fired from the network after their affair was revealed and their relationship caused an internal review. The Blast's sources allege that the folks at ABC News are courting Seacrest, offering to revamp the show completely to support his needs on the show and highlight his strengths.

"It's a great fit for Ryan and the perfect fit for GMA, which is looking to restore its family-friendly reputation!" the source alleges, adding Seacrest's reported interest in the role. "He sees GMA as the perfect vehicle for him to be center stage again."

Seacrest put concerns at ease at American Idol by putting reports of an exit there to bed before they got too fierce. The Blast also reports that there is no word on if Seacrest would host solo or if they would add a female co-host. If the latter happens, it'll be the second time Kelly Ripa lost a co-host to Good Morning America after Michael Strahan hopped off Live.

No matter what happens with Seacrest, GMA3 is going to undergo some significant changes. According to The Blast, these changes are also being peppered around to lure Seacrest in but they represent a new direction after Robach and Holmes' departure. "Network bosses are looking at completely retooling GMA3 with a live audience, music, and celebrity guests in an effort to play to Ryan's strengths and wash away the stain of the scandal," the insider alleges.

The decision to depart Live With Kelly and Ryan allegedly wasn't a sudden one either. "They started talking about Ryan leaving last summer, and when they announced Ryan's departure, both Kelly and Ryan wanted to put whatever issues – arising from the workplace and Ryan's other responsibilities – they had behind them," the source alleged. As for Robach and Holmes, they are happily enjoying each other's company in Mexico while in between jobs.