'Return to Amish' Star Hospitalized in ICU

Jeremiah Raber, who stars in the TLC series Return to Amish, was hospitalized Wednesday and rushed to an intensive care unit with diabetic ketoacidosis. The medical emergency comes after his estranged wife, Carmela Raber, filed a restraining order in March. Carmela claimed in court documents that Raber, 42, once threatened to "put me six feet under."

On Wednesday, Raber's team told his fans he would be "offline" for a bit because of his medical emergency. "He has been admitted to the ICU unit with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. We will be updating you all with any information as it comes available," his team wrote on Facebook. On Thursday, his team said he was "doing much better" and was moved out of the ICU to a normal hospital room. InTouch Weekly also confirmed Raber was hospitalized.

Raber's hospitalization came over a month after Carmela, 38, filed a restraining order petition against him. In court documents, Carmela claimed Raber told her he would "put me six feet under," reports InTouch Weekly. Raber got "nose to nose" during an altercation with Carmela and pushed her "repeatedly," knocking her to the ground. "If I don't stop with my bulls—, he will knock me out," Raber told Carmela, according to the documents.

Carmela also accused her estranged husband of threatening to share her address publicly on Facebook so people could find her and her child. She listed several other instances of alleged abuse dating back to 2017. in one case, he allegedly assaulted her, and in another, he threw hot coffee at her.

Raber told InTouch Weekly that Carmela's filing only included things that happened in 2017. "Even the stuff that says 2022. Look it up," he claimed. "It's all in the reports from back then. She used the s- to get the order just to kick me out. It's sad how quick people are to post stuff like that but turn a blind eye to the change for the better people have made in their life."

In 2017, Carmela accused Raber of domestic violence. According to a police report InTouch obtained, Carmela said she and Raber had a verbal argument about finances on April 22, 2017. Raber allegedly threatened her when she wanted to take her children away from the scene. "I will kill your daughter if you leave me," Carmela claimed Raber told her. He "grabbed" her arm and around the neck, she claimed, then threw a hot cup of coffee at her after she got into a car. Raber told police Carmela "knocked" the hot drink over herself. Raber faced criminal charges, but they dropped in July 2018 after completing a pretrial diversion.

Raber and Carmela married in 2016 and split for the first time the following year. They reconciled, but Raber told his followers on March 25 that they were "done" for good. "Why did we break up?" Raber said in a video. "I mean, I'm not going to go into detail, but you know, it just didn't work out." Raber was previously arrested for domestic violence in 2005 when he was married to Naomi Stutzman, but those charges were dismissed because of insufficient evidence.

TLC audiences were introduced to Reber during the first season of Breaking Amish in 2012. Two years later, he joined the spinoff Return to Amish, which follows former Breaking Amish stars returning to their hometowns to reunite with the Amish communities they grew up in.