'OutDaughtered' Star Riley Busby Hospitalized After Mom Danielle's Recent Health Scare

The Busby family, the stars of TLC's OutDaughtered, are having a rough time. Just a couple of days after star Danielle Busby was hospitalized, her daughter Riley Busby was hospitalized Thursday. Riley is one of Busby and husband Adam Busby's 5-year-old quintuplets. Busby was hospitalized on Tuesday for a mysterious ailment and underwent an "invasive test."

Adam shared a photo of doctors helping Riley after she slipped in the bathroom. He also included a video showing where the doctors put in a staple in the back of her head. "Well, I'm done with doctors' offices today... Riley just couldn't let us end the day without a little extra excitement," Adam wrote on Instagram. "This is what happens when you want to dance on the bathroom floor as your sisters are getting in and out of the tub. One staple for Riley! She was a trooper though."

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Busby was briefly hospitalized in November and finally had an MRI follow-up to learn more about her health scare in late December. She was back in the hospital on Tuesday for what Adam called her "most invasive test so far." He asked OutDaughtered fans for their prayers. "This is all we are comfortable with sharing at the moment," Adam wrote at the time. "Please respect that in this current time of uncertainty and refrain from speculation. Just asking for prayers. We will definitely share updates as Danielle is comfortable."

After the hospitalization, Busby shared some good news and bad news. Although her doctor said she will not need surgery, there are still some tests in her future. "Though this was a result I was praying for (no surgery), this doesn't mean this is the end to my current struggles. More [tests], lead to more doctors... but still no clear answer at the moment of what's going on," Busby wrote. "Please understand, I am in the window of uncertainty and I only feel comfortable sharing as much as this. I will continue to share as more things start to unfold."

This weekend, Busby was feeling well enough to attend 9-year-old daughter Blayke's basketball game with her husband and quintuplets. She shared photos of her family at the game, with everyone wearing masks lowered to show their faces for the camera. Blayke played her first game on Dec. 15 and her team won.


OutDaughtered follows the Busbys and their children and debuted on TLC in 2016. The show's seventh season aired in June. All episodes of the show are streaming on the new discovery+ platform.