'OutDaughtered': Michelle 'Mimi' Theriot Arrested for DUI

One of the stars of TLC's OutDaughtered has found themselves amid a serious situation. According [...]

One of the stars of TLC's OutDaughtered has found themselves amid a serious situation. According to TMZ, Michelle "Mimi" Theriot, who has appeared on OutDaughtered, was arrested for DUI. Theriot was reportedly arrested sometime over the Oct. 10 weekend in League City, Texas, while she was making her way home at some point after midnight.

The police reported that when they tried pulling her over, Theriot was slow to stop. Once she did come to a stop and the cops approached her vehicle, they caught a strong odor of perfume. Officers said that some individuals try to conceal the odor of alcohol with other substances. Theriot was asked to produce her driver's license, with cops claiming that she was lethargic at the time. They also claimed that she was slurring her speech and that her eyes were bloodshot. Cops asked Theriot if she had been drinking during the night, upon which she reportedly told them that she consumed two glasses of wine. She later changed her story and said that she had no glasses of wine but that she did have two Michelob Ultra beers.

Cops reported that the situation took a turn when Theriot was asked to exit her vehicle. She reportedly stepped out of the car unsteadily and was swaying back and forth. She failed several sobriety tests that they gave her at the scene. Theriot was then arrested and taken to jail. Fans likely know of Theriot from her appearances on TLC's OutDaughtered. The series, which aired Season 7 this past summer, features Adam and Danielle Busby, who are raising six daughters (including the only American all-girl quintuplets on record). Danielle's mom, Theriot, frequently appears on the show. She became an even more significant part of the series after moving from Louisiana to Texas to be closer to her grandchildren.

While Theriot has not frequently appeared in OutDaughtered's as of late, she was said to be doing well. At one point, the reality star had moved into her daughter's home in Texas. She later moved into her own home, but Hurricane Harvey destroyed it in 2017. Theriot then moved back into Danielle's place as she got her life back on track. According to Amo Mama, which published an update on Theriot in February 2020, she reportedly earned her real estate license and worked for Keller Williams.