'OutDaughtered' Stars Adam and Danielle Busby Attend Family Milestone Amid Ongoing Health Issues

OutDaughtered stars Adam Busby and Danielle Busby celebrated their 6-year-old quintuples' graduation from kindergarten this week in two ceremonies. Danielle, 37, began suffering health issues last fall and is still waiting for more information on the mysterious condition. She put those concerns aside for the couple's daughters and was all smiles in the photos Adam, 38, shared on Instagram.

Riley and Olivia graduated first, with their ceremony on Thursday. "Today was the day of Riley and Olivia graduated kindergarten today," Adam wrote, alongside two photos from the big day. "It's quite different this year with their graduations being split up, so we have multiple days of graduation ceremonies." On Friday, Ava, Hazel, and Parker graduated, so the family now has five first graders.

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"Today closes the chapter on a huge time in the girls' life," Adam wrote. "They have been going to this school since they could walk and now they are moving on to join Blayke next year for the only year they will ever share the same school. Congratulations girls!" Adam and Danielle, who married in 2006, are also parents to daughter Blayke, 10.

Danielle's mysterious ailment surfaced in November 2020, when she felt "alarming sensations in her arms and legs." She then underwent a series of tests and evaluations, but the reason for the issues is still unknown. In the April 20 episode, Adam said in a confessional that there "could be something wrong with Danielle's heart." Danielle said this news hit her "like a gut punch," since they were not expecting this.

"It was a lot of information for me to take in and try to remember to share. I was completely shocked with the things that you were telling me," Danielle told specialists in a remote appointment. Her doctor said he feared Danielle had an atrial septal defect, or a hole in her heart. The next step would be a transesophageal echo to see what the cause was. Adam asked if surgery was on the table, but the doctors assured the couple they would only consider something that invasive if they discovered something wrong with her heart.


The answer remains a mystery, at least to viewers. Danielle told Entertainment Tonight in late March that she was "looking at a possible autoimmune disease." She had to start new routines, including rethinking her already healthy lifestyle. "I'm just trying to really look into foods and [figure out], 'How do I eat differently? Could that help with inflammation?' 'Cause, there's certain foods that underline with inflammation and everything," she said. "It's really, 'How do we maintain your pain level and what you're going through until we can discover what the underlying issue is?'" OutDaughtered finished its eighth season on May 4. All seasons of the show are available to stream on Discovery+.