Netflix Sets Season 2 Premiere Date for Reality Dating Show

Netflix has officially set the Season 2 premiere date for its hit reality dating show Too Hot to Handle. According to Deadline, the new 10-episode season will debut on June 23, with the first four episodes being available to viewers. Then, the final six will become available on June 30.

Too Hot to Handle follows a group of singles who are all vying for a $100,000 cash prize in an exotic location. However, the catch is that they cannot get close. There's to be no kissing, no romance, no canoodling, and no self-gratification of any kind. If they slip up and break a rule, they cause the prize money amount to decrease. After Too Hot to Handle first premiered in April 2020, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos praised it as being the streaming service's "biggest competition show ever," and it seem clear that Season 2 intended to up the ante.

In April 2020, Too Hot to Handle Season 1 contestant Nicole sat down with Collider to chat about the show and what it was like to be part of such an incredibly popular new reality TV series. "I've always kind of grown up with my mom and dad putting me on stage, in terms of dancing and singing, so I've always been a performer," she shared. "I'm always wanting to be in the limelight, so I have for maybe the past few years wanted to do something like this."

Nicole went on to say, "When this came my way, and finding out it was for Netflix, I was like, 'Oh my goodness, this is gonna be amazing. This is the goal. This is my dream!' So I'm super lucky and super privileged to have done an opportunity like this. Not only to get to do something with Netflix, but the experience itself was something so amazing and personal to me, personal to everyone else who was on the show."


She later added, "You don't get an experience like that with a lot of shows, a lot of reality shows. It was like a real retreat and I definitely came out a changed person, which is insane to do a show and then just come out a completely better person, so I'm delighted." Fans can catch up on Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle now on Netflix before Season 2 debuts next month.