Mina Starsiak Hawk Reveals Discovery+'s 'Good Bones: Risky Business' Is a 'High-Intensity' Spinoff (Exclusive)

After it was announced last summer that Good Bones was renewed for Season 7 on HGTV, the network's parent company Discovery also announced a spinoff for series star and designer Mina Starsiak Hawk called Good Bones: Risky Business. Available exclusively on the discovery+ streaming platform this summer, the six-episode show will feature Starsiak Hawk in a much rawer form, taking on one of her biggest renovations to date with a historic Fountain Square property covering more than 6,000-square feet. Restoring the more than 100-year-old property along with its main home and separate carriage house has its fair share of challenges according to the 37-year-old, who told PopCulture.com exclusively the "massive" restoration is every bit as "next level" as audiences would imagine.

Committed to bringing the historical property back as the neighborhood's jewel, Starsiak Hawk admits this home was not an easy one to accomplish. "So as if all the homes on Good Bones weren't risky enough financial investments, this is pretty much the next level," she said. "It is not something I should have bought. There was no plan when I decided to buy it, other than I was like, 'This is amazing. I want it. Something needs to happen with it.' It's one of the oldest homes in Fountain Square and so it's just following along that storyline, and it's filmed very differently than Good Bones."

Shooting seven seasons of Good Bones for HGTV has been a cinch for Starsiak Hawk, but Good Bones: Risky Business was much more intense due to the project's demands and scope. "The second I get out of my car, there's a camera there and it follows me everywhere," she said. "I can tell you this one scene, they had a car mount camera in my car and one in the back seat and I was doing some driving interviews and took a contractor call that was just very all kinds of things, and the producer tends to do this move where he'll lean into my car, so I won't pull away. And I was like, 'If you don't move your arm right now, I'm going to take it off. I need to leave. I need a minute.' And turned the camera off on the dashboard and drove far enough away that they couldn't still pick me up on the mic."

Starsiak Hawk admits the moment was a "combination of crying and yelling and cursing and phone calls," but when she finally took that time to herself and drove back to the project house, she realized the filming crew had to get into her car to take out the camera. "I realized that I'd forgotten about the one in the back. So, all of it's on camera," she said of the home called Charlotte Hall — inspired directly by her daughter.

While Good Bones is all Starsiak Hawk with its "slightly edited" and "no cursing" version of her — something she jokes she does a lot of — she says Good Bones: Risky Business is a "much more raw, real" look into her life as a home designer. "It's just me. It's not the whole Good Bones team. It's not my mom. So, it's all just kind of resting on my shoulders, which is a lot of pressure and so it's a very high-intensity show. I don't know how they're going to edit it."


Good Bones: Risky Business takes an exciting step in the Good Bones franchise and will be streaming exclusively on discovery+ later this summer. For more with Mina Starsiak Hawk, Good Bones and all your HGTV news, stick to PopCulture.com for the latest and catch up on past seasons of the show on discovery+ now with a free trial subscription here.