'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Hawk Offers 'Scary House' Tour Ahead of Season 7

Mina Starsiak Hawk and her team have a massive project on their hands. As the Good Bones star prepares for Season 7 of the hit HGTV series, she gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her latest renovation project, and it may just be more than she bargained for! In a video shared to Instagram Thursday morning, Starsiak Hawk gave fans a complete tour of her new "scary house," creepy crawl space and all!

The Good Bones star kicked off the 17-minute long video by explaining her current predicament to followers. According to Starsiak Hawk, she started the day by receiving a call that "one of our properties that I bought – I drove by, but I did not go inside – the porch is caving in." As such, she immediately had to drive on by "to see what we needed to do to address the problem." Recorded in front of the house, Starsiak Hawk went on to share that they purchased the home after "just driving by," and it's not necessarily in the best shape. The home doesn't have a roof, and Hawk said her "architect needs to know how I want them to start the plans....it matters how bad the foundation is."

Not afraid to get a little dirty, Starsiak Hawk worked to find a solution, attempting to determine whether it was a complete rebuild or if they could remove just a section of the home. She eventually found a spot where she could remove some of the foundations and peek into the crawl space, which she admitted was "not a great first sign." However, it wasn't all bad news, because while there was a beam that was "just floating," she determined that the back section "for sure is no good." Starsiak Hawk told her followers it seemed as though the back shed roof addition "definitely needs to come off," but the majority of the foundation could be saved.

In the clip, Starsiak Hawk went on to get her hands even dirtier as she knocked down the remaining portion of the roof over the porch so she could take viewers inside the home. As promised, the property had no roof and the inside was almost completely gutted. Starsiak Hawk joked, "it's very quaint. We're going for a rustic vibe. Minimalist. Don't even need a counter" before she kicked a hole through the floor and took fans on a creepy crawl through the crawl space.

The clip saw Starsiak Hawk showing off some of her home renovation expertise, which fans can catch even more of when Good Bones returns for Season 7 on HGTV. The series is set to return sometime this summer, though an exact premiere date hasn't yet been announced. HGTV has also ordered the show's first spinoff, Good Bones: Risky Business with Mina Starsiak Hawk, which is set to premiere on discovery+ in summer 2022.