'The Masked Singer': Gremlin Sent Home in Wild Elimination Twist

The Masked Singer said goodbye to its second masked celebrity on Wednesday night. However, for the [...]

The Masked Singer said goodbye to its second masked celebrity on Wednesday night. However, for the first time in the show's history, the Gremlin took matters into their own hands by revealing their identity. So, who was subsequently eliminated from Season 4 of The Masked Singer?

Group B finally got to show off their singing chops in Wednesday night's episode. The group was comprised of Gremlin, Sea Horse, Whatchamacallit, Serpent, Baby Alien, and Crocodile. Before all of the judges could even share their guesses about Gremlin's identity, they began to remove their mask. In the end, it was revealed that the Gremlin was Oscar-winning actor Mickey Rourke. Moments before he revealed his identity, Jenny McCarthy actually correctly guessed his identity. Since Rourke unmasked himself, the remaining contestants in Group B were safe.

Before Gremlin's elimination, the show teased that this episode would feature one of the biggest reveals in Masked Singer history. One of the judges, Robin Thicke, even teased that the reveal would be "huge" during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "[It's] a huge reveal. This is something that we've never done on The Masked Singer," he said. "I can't really give it away, but I will say that what happens on The Masked Singer has never happened before, and it is incredibly entertaining, probably one of my very favorite moments." The singer added, "[It] might be the most shocking in the history of The Masked Singer, so do not miss [it]." Of course, given that Gremlin unmasked themself during the episode, Thicke was definitely not wrong in saying that it was a majorly shocking moment for the show.

Season 4 of The Masked Singer premiered on Sept. 30. During the episode, the Popcorn, Giraffe, Sun, Snow Owls (the first-ever two-headed costume in the show's history), and Dragon were the first ones to compete. Ultimately, the Dragon was given the boot. He was later unmasked and revealed to have been Busta Rhymes. As Thicke explained to ET, he knew almost instantly that it was the legendary rapper. "I'm better at getting the musical tones than I am knowing how many children and how many divorces they've had," he joked with the publication. "Jenny [McCarthy] knows so many personal details about these people. I do not know that stuff, but I'm pretty good with the tones or body language." He added, "So Busta, right in the two first sentences, I was like, 'Wait a minute... that's Busta Rhymes!' I've been listening to him since I was a kid, so I knew that one."