Robin Thicke Teases 'Most Shocking' Reveal in 'Masked Singer' History

Robin Thicke is teasing a 'huge' moment in Masked Singer history. The singer and panelist for the [...]

Robin Thicke is teasing a "huge" moment in Masked Singer history. The singer and panelist for the hit FOX show told Entertainment Tonight ahead of Wednesday's show that fans would see something unlike anything the show had pulled off before in this week's episode as the anonymous celebrities step things up another notch.

"[It's] a huge reveal. This is something that we've never done on The Masked Singer," Thicke teased. "I can't really give it away, but I will say that what happens on The Masked Singer has never happened before, and it is incredibly entertaining, probably one of my very favorite moments. ... [It] might be the most shocking in the history of The Masked Singer, so do not miss [it]."

During the first elimination of the season last week, fans met characters like the Sun, Snow Owls and Giraffe, unmasking Dragon at the end of the episode to reveal the one and only Busta Rhymes. Thicke admitted it wasn't a tough guess for him, revealing he knew Dragon's identity after "the two first sentences." While he might not know as much as fellow panelist Jenny McCarthy about the personal details hinted at in clue packages, Thicke's strong point is guessing the "musical tones" and body language, making Busta an easy celebrity to clock. "So Busta, right in the two first sentences, I was like, 'Wait a minute... that's Busta Rhymes!'" he recalled. "I've been listening to him since I was a kid, so I knew that one."

Thicke, alongside fellow panelists McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger are back for Season 4 of The Masked Singer with increased safety protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the "That's What Love Can Do" singer said he is feeling "gratitude" to be able to get back to work and entertain people during this tough time.

"This year has just been so challenging for the human spirit, and so to be able to No. 1 have a job, and to be able to go back to that and to see friends that you genuinely enjoy being at work with -- to laugh with them and to go home and feel safe... that is what we were all struggling to find right now," he said. "So that gives me a lot of gratitude to have these shows and have these friends and to have these co-workers and feel safe with that. I was very blessed."