'Married at First Sight': Noi Shocks Steve With Her 'Intimate Fantasy' Suggestion in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Married at First Sight couple Steve and Noi are diving into their intimate fantasies – and what Noi has up her sleeve definitely comes as a surprise to her husband. As they look to strengthen their marriage ahead of Decision Day, Steve and Noi get honest about what they really want during a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime show. 

Going through one of the relationship prompts in front of them, Noi reads, "Tell your partner one intimate fantasy you have or would like to try with them." Pushing Steve to go first, Noi can't help but giggle as her husband suggests, "I think we should try taking a shower and washing each other with soap and water, washing the other person."

Noi adds to the camera with another laugh, "I'm like, so you just wanna take a shower and get clean? Alright." When it comes to her turn, Noi has something even more adventurous to suggest, telling Steve, "I think we should try to have sex in a semipublic place." Pressed on the meaning of semipublic, Noi reveals she's looking to get busy outside of their home, which both surprises and delights Steve. 

"I'm actually shocked 'cause this is the first time I think she's said the word 'sex' in public and never mind to have sex in public," he tells the camera. "I'm actually somebody who really enjoys helping somebody fulfill their fantasies. So whether we're on a road trip or just going for a walk in the woods ... I have a few other ideas. I just think I have to find something that is safe enough to not get in trouble and that she'd be comfortable enough with it."

Prior to this season of Married at First Sight, Steve told PopCulture he was looking for someone "who was capable of having fun and really enjoying life while also being responsible enough to prioritize important things" when being matched by the experts. "It's hard to find a balance between these two lifestyles, and I'm very much somebody who does both," he added. Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.