'Married at First Sight': Karen Confronts Husband Miles About His Shoes in 'Couples Cam' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Karen Landry is laying down the law when it comes to husband Miles Williams' massive shoe collection. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode of Married at First Sight: Couples Cam, the newlyweds, who were matched by the MAFS experts in Season 11, try to figure out just how Miles' passion for shoes will mix with the new home they're building together.

"So now that we've been living together for a while, it is time for us to get organized and get this stuff out of here," Karen tells her husband, whom she catches checking out shoes online. "What are you doing? You're looking up shoes?" she asks, telling the camera, "He has a problem. You need to go to rehab." Miles explains that to him, the shoe collection is more than just a way to stay looking fresh. "So my shoes, I mean, I had some pairs for 10, 15 years," he says. "They're like my babies, you know?"

In an attempt to show her husband just how out of control his sneakerhead ways have gotten, Karen suggests that they walk together from the bedroom to the kitchen as Miles picks up every pair of shoes he sees on the way. "Let's see how many you have," she challenges him. Right off the bat, Miles' arms are getting full as he piles seven pairs of sneakers into his arms. "This ain't a problem," he insists, denying that he won't be able to pick up any other pairs as Karen laughs off his firm insistence.

It's when he finds a pair of sneakers on top of the refrigerator that Miles relents. "Oh shoot, they're up there!" he says. "I don't even remember how they got up there." When Karen tells her husband after the exercise that he needs to decide which shoes he can "part ways with," Miles responds in protest, even as Karen reminds him there's no room for all the shoes he has, plus the ones he plans on buying.


He tells the camera, while hugging Karen close to show his affection, "Listen ... when I got married and got my lovely wife, nobody told me I would have to give up my shoes." Will Karen and Miles come to terms with their organizational nightmare? Married At First Sight: Couples Cam (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. For more on your favorite Married at First Sight couples from PopCulture, click here.