'Married at First Sight': Gil Confesses He's Still Waiting for Wife Myrla to Kiss Him in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Gil and Myrla may be on their honeymoon, but the Married at First Sight couple isn't exactly feeling the love. In PopCulture's exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime reality show, Gil admits to the other three couples — Bao and Johnny, Rachel and Jose, and Brett and Ryan — that he and his wife haven't shared a real kiss once in their marriage.

Asking the other couples what their kissing habits have been, Bao and Johnny say they've kissed at the altar and "many times" since, to which Gil says he needs to explain more what he means. "Let's define kiss," he tells the group. "I'm talking about, like, tonsil hockey-type kissing. You know what I mean? Like, I'm talking about novella-type kissing."

Jose and Rachel out themselves as having done a lot of that type of kissing since saying 'I do,' even putting on a little demonstration for the group, and Brett reveals he and Ryan are "on that team as well." Ryan asks Gil, "What about you guys?" to which the new husband replies, "We actually haven't kissed. Just cheek."

Ryan jumps in that she "specifically" remembers Myrla saying she didn't want to kiss her husband at the altar, which Rachel backs up: "Yeah, she knew it was going to be a cheek [kiss]." To the camera, the newlywed admits that no kissing in her marriage would be a tough pill for her to swallow as well. "In my situation, if I was with someone that I'm having a very strong connection with that I'm attracted to and I haven't shared a kiss with, I would be extremely disappointed and kind of start to feel a slight sense of rejection," she says.

Gil answers the news of his wife's altar plans, "So she can be particular," which Johnny asks him to explain more. "So she likes the finer things in life, which I don't knock it. It is what it is," Gil shares. As an example, he asks his fellow couples to review the resort they're staying at, and everyone agrees it's pretty swanky. "OK. That's what I said," Gil responds, before sharing exactly what his wife said about their honeymoon locale.


"I'm not putting words in her mouth, 'This is a retirement home. This is the old folks home,'" he recounts, which surprises his co-stars. "Right. So that's what I mean. Like she's particular about certain things that she's very vocal about it. Like I might be opinionated, but I handle things a little differently." Will Gil and Myrla get on the same page? Or are they heading for divorce come Decision Day? Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.