'Married at First Sight' Experts Disagree Over Pairing 'Eccentric' Couple in Matchmaking Special Exclusive Preview

This Married at First Sight couple has the experts totally divided! In a PopCulture exclusive preview of Wednesday's Matchmaking Special, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson go head-to-head over whether Amelia and Bennett are "eccentric" soulmates just waiting to meet or a complete disaster waiting to happen.

Jumping in to plead her case, Dr. Pepper tells Pastor Cal and fellow expert Dr. Viviana Coles, "Now I know we've had conversations, so hold your peace for a moment, Cal, and let me put it out why I think they're great. I think they are both quirky — eccentric in ways that they will love in each other." Bennett, she explains, is an artist and theater lover who drive a pedicab in New Orleans, while Amelia is a free-spirited doctor who spends her limited spare time playing in a one-woman band and walking a slack line in the park. "She's just Amelia and he is just Bennett," Dr. Pepper gushes. "I think they will find each other attractive, whimsical, lovable, [and] stay together forever."

Pastor Cal, however, sees things differently, chiming in that he has "reservations" about Bennett's life choices. "I don't think he has a direction as to where he's going in life," he tells his fellow experts. When Dr. Viviana notes that Bennett appears to have "lots of direction," Cal counters that his seemingly numerous directions in life are what he takes issue with.

Dr. Pepper defends Bennett, saying, "Well wait, he has a Master's in theater, he's written a number of one act plays. What's non-directional about that?" but Cal responds that none of his passions are "income producing." That might work perfectly for the couple, Dr. Viviana notes: "She is more than willing to say, 'I will be the bread winner if he wants to work great, if he doesn't great.' She actually prefers someone who wants to stay at home." Cal jokes, "And I'm so happy to hear that because he has no bread."


"So what I'm saying is here's a woman we all like. We think she's a doll," Dr. Pepper says. "And she's talented in so many ways and quirky in so many ways. But she could only be with someone who's extremely flexible, who can take what they love with them and who is also willing to be kind of a new man who would in fact take what has been traditionally the female role. And this is a guy who can do all of that." Pastor Cal admits he does have to agree on that point, and while he still maintains "reservations," can also see where the two would be compatible.

Which of the experts will be proven right when it comes to Amelia and Bennett? Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) debuts its Matchmaking Special on Wednesday, July 8, at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime, followed the next week by the return of an all-new season on July 15 at 8 p.m. ET. For the latest on your favorite Married at First Sight couples from PopCulture, click here.