'Love Island USA' Winners Zeta and Timmy Shed Light on Life Post-Villa, Share Message to Supporters (Exclusive)

After weeks of recouplings, drama, and, of course, love, the winners of Love Island USA Season 4 have officially been crowned. In the end, the viewers voted to give the crown to Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi. Fans will recall that Zeta and Timmy paired up on Day 1 and, despite a brief blip in the road at the beginning of the experience, formed a strong bond that was able to last. Following their time on the Peacock series, Zeta and Timmy spoke with PopCulture.com and opened up about what life is going to look like for them outside of the Villa. 

Now that their Love Island USA experience is over, Timmy and Zeta (or, as fans have dubbed them, "Zimmy") have plans to explore their relationship outside of the camera-friendly environment. According to the pair, traveling is at the top of their to-do list, as is enjoying some of the simpler things. Timmy shared, "Travel is in our future, for sure. But I guess if you're asking something in the immediate area, in L.A., we're probably going to get some food, go watch a movie. Just try to do something real, normal."

As fans know, Zeta and Timmy are exclusive as they head outside of the Villa. Are they on track to become boyfriend and girlfriend anytime soon? Timmy explained, "Of course. She knows that she my girl." He added, "Listen, at the end of the day, people just got to understand two equals came together. Two confident people came together and found out something that works, and that we're just moving at our speed right now. But, she knows what it is, I know what it is." Zeta is on the same page, as she offered, "There's no one else I want to be with or will give anyone the time of day. So, yeah, just call it what you want."

While they had one of the steadier relationships in the Villa, they still went through their fair share of drama towards the beginning of the season. You might recall that Timmy previously explored a relationship with Bria Bryant while Zeta went on to recouple with Jeff Christian. Looking back on the situation, Zeta and Timmy are glad that things worked out how they did, as it only allowed their relationship to grow stronger. 

"I think it affected our relationship in a positive way," Timmy said. "Obviously, maybe not in real time, we weren't able to see that right away. But obviously hindsight is 20/20, and it was a good test for us. I mean, I feel like I learned a lot about myself during that process, and I learned a lot about how strong my feelings were for Zeta. And that's very helpful in Love Island, to get that evaluation of where your emotions are, and I was able to get that." As for Zeta, she recalls that she even told fellow Love Islander Sydney Paight that going through that ordeal allowed her to trust him all the more. She explained, "I was just letting Sydney know I feel so much more secure in my relationship with him now because of what's happened. Bria, beautiful girl. He was attracted to her, and he had the time to get to know her, and it still just was me that was in his heart. And so there's nothing that gives you more security than being tested by someone as beautiful as Bria."

Of course, they were able to move past all of that drama and form an even stronger relationship because of it. Fans even acknowledged their connection by voting them as their favorite couple for the season, awarding them with the $100,000 prize that they chose to split. Since they did have a warm reception from viewers, they have a message to those very supporters following their time on Love Island USA

"I really felt like I just put my best foot forward. And to be received by America on a personal level, and then also with my couple, with my girl, it's an amazing feeling," Timmy said, which Zeta readily agreed with. "So, we just really appreciate the support and recognition. Because we did try to come into this game with very pure intentions, and just follow our heart, and it led us to the right spot."