'Love Island USA': Bria Sheds Insight Into the Unseen Drama With the Other Women (Exclusive)

Love Island USA made waves early on in the season when they decided to do something they have never done before — introduce a sibling bombshell duo. Bria Bryant and her brother, Chazz Bryant, continued to make waves while inside the Villa. Unfortunately, for Bria, she was sent home after her relationship with Timmy Pandolfi came to an end. After her time on Love Island USA, Bria spoke with PopCulture.com about her experience on the show and opened up about the drama between herself and the other women in the Villa.

Fans may have gotten to see all of the relationship drama that Bria was involved in, but they didn't get to see the apparent strife that she experienced with the other women. After finding herself in the bottom two couples, it was up to the girls to decide between either Bria or Mady McLanahan to send home. In the end, they decided to save Mady. During PopCulture.com's chat with Bria, she said that the tension that she experienced in the house undoubtedly played into their decision to end her time in the Villa. As for the reason behind this drama, Bria said that she felt this vibe from the women from the start when viewers chose Isaiah Campbell, who was in a couple with Sydney Paight, to go on a date with her. 

"I felt like when I came in, I wasn't as welcomed by the girls as I would have hoped to be. Just watching Love Island in previous seasons, the girls were super welcoming and they kind of all bonded, no matter when they came in," Bria said. She continued to say that she tried "to be friends with everyone" and put any drama to the side. Although, that "wasn't reciprocated" by the other women. Bria added, "I felt like the girls were very closed off together, super tight-knit, and they just weren't letting me in no matter what I kind of tried to do."

In a recent episode, Bria's brother Chazz did try to get to the bottom of the girls' decision to send her home. As she mentioned, she, like the viewers, was eager to hear their reasoning. It was no surprise to see Chazz stick up for her sister in such a way, as they were able to be each others' support systems while in the Villa. According to Bria, there were both pros and cons to having her brother by her side on the reality show. 

"I felt like being in the Villa was my home away from home, but it felt more at home with my brother there because at a lot of times he was the only one to support me and kind of offer that shoulder to cry on," she explained. "So, it definitely had its pros, but also the cons in terms of everyone in the Villa kind of felt like, I may not be able to say certain things around them. They might tell each other. Or they may have felt like we were butting into each other's relationships too much." Even though she wasn't able to stick around to see how her brother's love story pans out in person, rest assured that she'll be rooting him on from outside of the Love Island USA bubble.