'Love Island' Couple Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew Talk Future Outside Villa After History-Making Win (Exclusive)

After six weeks of romance, intense drama and stunning recouplings, Love Island finally crowned its 2020 winners after America voted for its favorite couple Justine Nbida and Caleb Corprew to take home $100,000. During the season finale Wednesday night on CBS, Nbida and Corprew, who captured America's hearts with their sweet and steady journey to love, are still stunned over the top prize, telling PopCulture.com Thursday morning that they are feeling "a lot of things" following that unexpected victory.

"I'm feeling so much excitement, for sure," Nbida told us for our series, PopCulture @ Home. "I honestly did not think I'd even make it this far, and to be leaving with somebody like Caleb, I found what I came here for. So I just feel complete. I feel fulfilled, for sure."

Corprew echoes Nbida's sentiments, sharing how he is still on "cloud nine" following their experience on the dating reality TV competition, which also saw the two as the franchise's first-ever Black couple to win the show in a history-making win. "Never thought that that experience would be so fruitful for so many reasons, and just kind of feels like a dream still," he told PopCulture. "Hasn't hit us quite yet as far as what's really just happened, but I'm sure it'll sink in the next few days."

The happy couple, who are still riding high after the life-changing moment, go on to share how they are not only so thrilled for the next chapter in their life but are adamant about making it work. "The next steps are we need to spend some time together away from cameras, continue to grow closer," he said. "I imagine that we are going to be doing quite a bit of traveling back and forth to see each other, but it's all good. We're going to make it happen."

When posited with the idea of a "satellite office" or favorite space between the two that they can frequently meet up at, Corprew says it's an idea they would "consider" when working their long-distance relationship. "We'll take any more advice if anybody has it!" Nbida happily interjected.

Watching the pair fall in love throughout the 34 episodes of Season 2 was easily one of 2020's saving graces, although Ndiba had a bit of a rough start on the show, not clicking with any of the guys who entered the Villa. It was a moment that Nbida says she gave her all and credits "just a lot of prayer" for getting her through it all. And thankfully, her prayers were answered when Corprew walked into the Villa. While it took some time for the two to realize they had a real spark and connection, the couple cites Casa Amor as a significant turning point in the realization of what they mean to each other.

"I think coming out of Casa Amor and just seeing that both of us were on the same page, and we wanted to pursue each other and be exclusive was amazing," Corprew said. "And her and I both took gambles on not choosing anyone else, and it really paid off, and I would say that was the true turning point in our relationship."

Nbida agrees: "I knew where my feelings were in that moment and a little bit prior to that, and to know that Caleb was on the same page, I think that was definitely the turning point."

While all the couples were seen grappling with their relationships post-Casa Amor, Nbida and Corprew's relationship only grew stronger, with the two remaining loyal to one another regardless of individuals dropping in to stir up drama week after week. At one point during recoupling, Nbida breaks down in worry, wondering if Corprew would return alone from Casa Amor. And though his reaction wasn't visually shown on camera to viewers as much as hers, he tells PopCulture it was a nerve-wracking moment for him as well.


"I was so nervous all the way leading up until the point and then right before I walked down the stairs, I had these feelings come over me, and I was just like, 'I know that she is down there waiting on me,'" he said. "I could just feel it in the air and walked down there smiling because I already knew she was going to be down there. And sure enough, I was right. So it worked out really well."

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