'Love Island USA': Will Host Arielle Vandenberg and Narrator Matt Hoffman Return for New Seasons?

Love Island USA is on the move to Peacock, but will Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Hoffman move along with it? The host and narrator have been with the program since the first season aired on CBS in 2019. Since the show is moving from CBS to Peacock, there's been speculation about Vandenberg and Hoffman's respective futures with the reality series. 

At the moment, it's unclear what kind of involvement Vandenberg and Hoffman will have in the show once it moves to Peacock, if they have any involvement, at all. Deadline reported that the show will begin airing on Peacock this summer with Season 4 set to film in California. The publication noted that it's unclear whether Vandenberg and Hoffman will return now that Love Island is moving to Peacock. This move did come as a surprise to many of the show's fans, especially because it wasn't canceled by CBS. 

CBS reportedly required Love Island to be retooled in advance of Season 4 due to how much the show is featured on its summer lineup. However, once the network was unwilling to commit to a specific number of episodes, the producers behind Love Island, ITV America, struck a deal with Peacock. Under the new deal, Love Island will air on NBCUniversal's new streaming service. The show was not only picked up for Season 4 but for Season 5, as well. It was given a two-season, 80-episode order. 

Fans can expect a few differences when Love Island airs on Peacock this summer. Peacock has stated that "multiple episodes" will debut "weekly in real time." Additionally, now that Love Island has moved to a streaming service, there will be "naughtier" games and "steamier" challenges, similar to ones that viewers see on the original, UK version of Love Island

Season 1 of Love Island premiered on CBS in 2019. While the first season was filmed in Fiji, the production was subsequently moved to Las Vegas for Season 2. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic affected television productions across the board, the show was able to premiere, albeit a bit later in the summer, in August 2020. Love Island was, once again, moved to a different location for the next season. Season 3, which was set in Hawaii, ended this past August with Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy being named the winners.