'Love Island USA' Contestant Reveals Sudden Departure Was Due to a 'Little Illegal' Situation

After revealing on Monday she had to leave the steamy reality TV competition for "personal reasons," Love Island USA's Season 3 contestant Leslie Golden is speaking out further on the situation and admitting she was let go over something a "little illegal." In numerous videos shared to her Instagram Stories on Monday afternoon, the 24-year-old addressed a number of fan theories and speculation over her abrupt exit, sharing that while it is something she would "love to say," she is keeping rather mum over the circumstances.

On Sunday night's episode, Golden appeared for a few seconds at the start of the episode, shown sleeping in her bed in the room shared alongside the other Islanders. However, the voiceover by narrator Matthew Hoffman stated just moments later that "Leslie has left the villa," before transitioning into another statement for some "kooky facts." Naturally, fans took to social media to ask what was up, with many believing she got sick after noticing her voice took a nosedive and came out rather raspy in the episodes following her foray into the Villa. However, Leslie took to Instagram Stories on Aug. 1 to clear the air, stating there was no tea involved with her exit and it was strictly for "personal reasons." However, as fans continued to prod for what "constitutes as personal reasons," Golden said it was "completely unrelated to the drama," and she does not have any beef with anyone on the island.

Addressing whether it was because she was "kicked out for doing porn," Golden says fans are "reaching and it's not even that serious." Elsewhere another inquired if she would ever reveal her reason for the leaving to which Golden replied, "It's already starting to come out. I would love to say it. I think it's hilarious. I think it's a really dumb reason. Again, very on-brand for me. However, what I did was a little illegal."

Golden isn't the only Islander to have abruptly left the Villa. Earlier this season, Slade Parker, whose Southern charms enamored the ladies, entered the series with a bang as one of the wildcards but shared with the Islanders his need to leave for some family matters. While Parker left of his own volition, he took to Instagram to share a lengthy reflection of his time on the series and how he has forever formed friendships with the Islanders. "I can't come remotely close to explaining in text what this experience and these people genuinely mean to me," he wrote in the post alongside a party photo.

With Golden and Parker acting as wildcards for the Islanders and teasing some steamy situations until the very end later this month, host Arielle Vandenberg told PopCulture.com last month that there will no doubt be drama coming from this pack of fresh meat. "Think about it. Every season, they watch. They're going to bring their best, whatever that is for them," she said. "They're going to bring their personalities, they're going to bring the drama and what's so fun is, this is really them. They're not playing characters. They're so themselves, and it's so fun to just see an unfiltered version of someone living 24 hours a day — it's so fun. I know there will just be just as much drama, if not more and the sexiness continues."


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