'Little People, Big World' Stars Zach and Tori Roloff Called 'Petty' Over This Decision

The rift between Matt Roloff and his son Zach seems to have widened just a bit in the eyes of Little People, Big World fans. A recent episode saw father and son have a very emotional chat that carried some disappointing baggage with it. It also left fans feeling that Zach and his wife Tori were being "petty" in light of the drama with father Matt Roloff.

During the recent heart-to-heart over the younger Roloff welcoming another dwarf baby into the world, the father and son ran into the awkward part of a rift with their parents. Despite their differences, Matt Roloff still expects to babysit his grandkids, giving the couple a night to themselves amid the craziness. "Before they moved, I would watch the kids a couple of times a week. Have them for overnights," Roloff said in a testimonial. "It's been a while since they moved up to Battleground. If it happens, I would definitely look forward to it."

But Zach Roloff let it be known that those days were far away. "Even though our relationship is in a better spot, I don't think that's a realistic option right now," The younger Roloff said. "We obviously want him in our kids' lives. But how the relationship was before, I don't think we're there."

Fans were not pleased with this development, falling onto his father's side of the situation. Others stayed on the defensive for Zach and Tori Roloff, creating a mixed bag for fans.

"They still let Matt see the grandkids. It's just on their terms and on their turf. Why shouldn't he babysit?" one fan wrote. "They aren't keeping the kids from Matt. They're just not giving them unsupervised access. Perfectly understandable," another added. "Zach and Tori don't like they were told no and they are withholding their kids as revenge. Zach and Tori are the ones being toxic," a third chimed in.


Others didn't feel the same. "Zach and Tori were deeply hurt and insulted by whatever went on in the negotiations for the farm," a Zach Roloff defender wrote. "Matt didn't care about the relationship with his kids every time he left a vacation early. He ran away instead of dealing with the issue like an adult," another wrote, adding a slight jab at the younger Roloff in the process. "It's sad but not surprising that Zach mimics that behavior in a way."