'Little People, Big World' Star Zach Roloff Seemingly Snubs Dad Matt on Father's Day

Amid the issues surrounding Roloff Farms, it appears as though Zach Roloff might have snubbed his father, Matt Roloff, on Father's Day. InTouch Weekly reported that Zach did not post at all on social media on Sunday in honor of the special occasion. But, considering that there has been some strife between the Little People, Big World stars regarding the sale of Roloff Farms, this isn't too surprising. 

Even though Zach wasn't active on social media for Father's Day, his wife, Tori Roloff, was. Tori shared a lovely post in honor of her husband, with whom she shares three children — Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. On her Instagram Story, she posted a photo of Zach pushing a stroller with all three of their kids in it. Alongside the photo of the family's hike, Tori wrote, "Daddin' so hard this Father's Day."

Tori also shared a message in honor of her own father. She posted a photo from when she and her dad danced at her 2015 wedding, which she captioned with, "I love my dad." While Tori's posts were sweet to see, many took notice of the fact that Zach did not share a post in honor of his dad, Matt. There's been some major tension between the father and son pair as of late due to Roloff Farms. Zach was interested in purchasing a part of the property, but Matt apparently wouldn't sign off on the sale. 

"Knowing we want to grow our family, and Jackson and Lilah are getting older, we want to be somewhere that we can see our family a long time and where we're at right now is not that place," Zach claimed in a confessional during a recent episode of Little People, Big World. "I think the farm would be a great place for Jackson and Lilah to grow up." Matt had a different view of the situation, saying in his own confessional, "When Zach and I finally sat down, we were really in very different camps about what kind of a deal could go on. Zach came in real hot. He didn't come in to negotiate. He came in to demand."

In May, Matt shared that he was putting a part of Roloff Farms up for sale. At the time, he claimed that his sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, "decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale." Zach responded to the news in a since-deleted comment and claimed that his father was "manipulating the narrative." As of right now, and based on Zach's lack of Father's Day post, it seems as though there's still a lot of tension within the Roloff family.