'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Shares Rare Photo With Daughter Molly

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is in Spokane, Washington, which gives him an opportunity to visit with his daughter, Molly. Roloff shared a photo with Molly Silvius, 28, from the trip, which gave fans a reason to celebrate. Molly, 28, is rarely seen on social media and left LPBW in 2012.

"Spent the morning visiting my beautiful daughter Molly and her husband Joel in Spokane Washington," Matt, 60, wrote on Instagram Saturday. He included a photo of the two smiling at a restaurant. The post earned instant praise from fans. "Great picture of both of you," one person wrote. "She is such a beauty. Y'all have fun," another commented. "She's all grown up! Time flies," another fan added.

Molly never publicly discussed why she left LPBW and is happily married to Jacob Silvius. She left Oregon to attend Whitworth University in Spokane, where she met her husband. Molly returned to Roloff Farms for their wedding, but they continue to call Washington home.

"I can't believe my only baby girl Molly is getting married," Molly's mother Amy Roloff wrote in 2017. "I'm so truly very happy for her my heart overflows. Matt is working hard getting the farm ready for Big day and I'm getting flowers, food, and my house/guest rooms ready for guests and [the] bridal party. I'm so blessed by Molly and so honored to have Joel a part of the family. It's going to be a beautiful day on the farm."

During an episode of the First Class Fatherhood podcast, Matt suggested there was a particular incident that may have inspired Molly to leave LPBW, reports InTouch Weekly. "We had some other scares in the early days when everybody was young," Matt explained. "We were very protective. Particularly, we were worried about Molly becoming involved in something. When we did the show, we had a number of fans who were overzealous to get to various members of the family that they were fixated on."


Molly's sister-in-law, Tori Roloff, recently mentioned how much they miss seeing Molly and Silvius. Last month, a fan asked her why they never see Molly in her posts. "Because Jo is busy living her best life in Spokompton," Tori, the wife of Molly's brother Zach, wrote. "We get to see her in a couple [of] weeks though! We miss her and Joel a lot but talk often." Tori included a photo of Molly happily holding up Tori and Zach's son Jackson during a family Christmas party.

Molly has also appeared in other photos with her family on Instagram. Last year, she popped up in a post from Amy, who traveled to Idaho just days before marrying Chris Marek. In November 2020, she reunited with brother Jacob Roloff in Bend, Oregon, where she posed for a selfie with his wife, Isabel. According to Molly's LinkedIn page, she works as a senior accountant for Nordstrom.