Real Reason 'Little People, Big World' Daughter Molly Roloff Is off the Show

Longtime Little People, Big World fans will remember cast member Molly Roloff — and might wonder [...]

Longtime Little People, Big World fans will remember cast member Molly Roloff — and might wonder why she's hardly ever on the TLC show anymore.

The show focuses on life after divorce for Amy and Matt Roloff, as well as exploring the lives of their sons Zach and Jeremy Roloff as they transition into the worlds of marriage and parenthood. But as fans get to see more of the twins' lives, sightings of their younger siblings, Molly and Jacob Roloff, have been few and far between.

Jacob has been candid about why he no longer appears on the show, but Molly's absence has yet to be addressed. So why isn't Molly Roloff on Little People, Big World? The answer may lie in geographical differences.

The 24-year-old got married on Roloff Farm last summer, as seen on social media and in conversations from the show. Jacob shared a sweet photo of himself and Molly on her wedding day.

"Today was on a whole other level," Jacob wrote in the caption. My beautiful, sweet, genius sister got married. Simple as that, but with a lotta love. I'm still taking it in reviewing the pictures. Molly Jo Silvius."

Molly's now-husband, Joel Silvius, popped the question just days before Christmas in 2016, and it was clear from social media — and the most recent season of Little People, Big World — that the entire family was elated for Molly and her fiancé.

According to LinkedIn, she studied accounting in Spokane, Washington and ended up staying there with her new husband. Unlike Jacob, Molly does make some appearances on the show, if infrequent.

Whereas Molly's absence from the show may be simply due to the fact that she wants to stay out of the spotlight and lives hours away, Jacob recently explained that staying away from cameras is not his reason for avoiding the show.

Jacob likely doesn't have a problem with sharing his life with millions of strangers because he's currently filming his own web series.

"I saw a comment on something and somebody was asking why I don't just do a show since I'm filming myself right now," he said. "There's two ways to do the filming thing — one way is through the show, maybe, and the other way is through myself and vlogs. It's just more free doing it myself. I can do anything, I can say anything, I can talk about anything — I can show whatever I want."

To explain his decision, the 21-year-old compared filming with TLC to his own projects by saying one is the former is like living in a city with air pollution versus living in the fresh air of the countryside. He also said that he doesn't want to be recognized as Jacob from Little People, Big World because he would rather be recognized from one of his own projects — or he'd prefer to not be recognized at all.

"I don't want people to think that I'm living in a resentful sort of way towards the show — I've moved on from it," he explained. "It's just a natural progression of leaving the place you came from, moving on away from home, traveling away from home. Just getting away."

On Tuesday's season premiere, Amy said she isn't sure about her own future on Roloff Farm after her 2016 divorce from Matt. While the business partners continue to live just a couple hundred feet apart from each other on the farm, Amy says she's not sure if she'll continue to live there.

While taking a leisurely motorcycle ride with new boyfriend Chris Marek, Amy revealed she sometimes fears she might have to leave the neighborhood she calls home.

"I like where I live," she told him. "Whether I'm able to stay here the whole time remains to be seen."

"Are you worried about that?" Marek asked.

"Oh, well, yeah," she said.

Later, she explained her response to the cameras. "I definitely have a lot of uncertainty going on in my life, and yeah, I'm not sure how long I'll be here at the farm," she said.

She continued: "Matt and I are both here, we're existing, but we may just decide we don't want to do this anymore. I don't think it's very clear yet."

The former couple had reached an agreement about her living on the farm, but Matt revealed in a trailer for the rest of the season that he wants to revisit the issue of her living at the home, which he said impacted his romance with his new girlfriend, farm manager Caryn Chandler.

When Matt asked his ex about moving possibly into a smaller house, however, he was met with resistance.

"I don't think so," she said, to which Matt replied, "It's not fair."

"I just want my own path away from farm, away from Amy," said Matt. "It's always going to be awkward. I'm by Amy's house."

"I don't want to make a decision in our relationship based on what Amy might do in the future," Chandler told Matt. "I want to make our own decisions."