Lisa Rinna Addresses Backlash to Daughter's Drinking Comment on 'WWHL'

Following the latest drama-filled episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna appeared on Watch What Happens Live, which has been filming remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. While much of the discussion revolved around the Housewives themselves, host Andy Cohen brought up the fact that a comment from Rinna's daughter, Amelia Hamlin, has garnered a bit of backlash online. And fans are definitely going to want to take notice of Rinna's response to the matter.

During the episode, Cohen read a question from a fan about the incident in question. As a refresher, in the May 13 episode of the series, the Housewives all attended the launch of Amelia and Delilah Belle Hamlin's clothing line DNA. Right before the ladies were set to leave the event, Rinna could be seen speaking to Amelia, who is 18 years old, who told her mother that she needed a drink. Some fans took this to mean that she wanted a drink with alcohol in it, which prompted backlash to the moment in question. But, Rinna doesn't seem to be taking any of the backlash to heart, as she had a light-hearted response to Cohen's question on WWHL. She told the host, with a shrug of her shoulders, "Have you ever been 18 yourself?"

Rinna's two daughters have been greatly featured in the latest season of RHOBH (Season 10). More specifically, fans have watched as Amelia, who was previously in New York City for school, has come to terms with some of the struggles that she's been facing. In Season 9, Amelia opened up about dealing with an eating disorder. She was also vocal about this health struggle on social media, sharing that she has struggled with anorexia. In June 2019, she posted photos of herself from when she struggled with the illness as she felt the "need to remind people what anorexia looks like," per She noted in the caption for the post, "In both photos I was struggling equally as much as the other. Please understand the illness before speaking on it."

In the Season 9 RHOBH reunion, Rinna noted that her daughter was "100 percent recovered" after her battle with the eating disorder. She said at the time, "Amelia's gone through a lot in her anorexia. She's quite healthy right now, right in this moment. And recently, people have said, 'Well, you don't look anorexic, you're not that thin,' which is a really big trigger. It's f—ing difficult."