Lana Dealt a Crushing Blow in 'Total Divas' Episode

For all her efforts, Lana is having a hard time having people take her seriously as a wrestler in the latest episode of Total Divas.

After losing her first singles match to Trinity at the Ms. Money in the Bank match, Lana hits the gym with Nia Jax to try and bulk up and improve her skills.

Jax tells Lana she doesn't necessarily need to wrestle, as she is already a successful manager for her husband, pro wrestler Rusev. The Diva takes this comment as a dig at her skills, however, especially in light of what people have been saying about her online.

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"It is really disappointing when you put your blood, sweat and tears into working hard, and then I go onto social media and they're pretty much just destroying me and saying I suck and saying a whole bunch of really, really mean things," she says in a confessional.

She continues, acknowledging that she's definitely not the best competitor in the ring. "It's disappointing, because I know I'm not the best," she says. "I've just been a manager for my husband, I have not wrestled much."

The WWE diva is making the haters her motivators though.

"I'm gonna keep on working hard," she says. "You have to start somewhere. Everyone starts somewhere, just not everyone has their first singles match on Pay-Per-View."

She claps back at Jax, who defends her comments saying she just meant her co-star is a good hype man.

"There's a ton of people out there who doubt me like you," Lana says. "That's fine."

Later, during a rematch with Trinity, Lana loses again, and her manager lets her know she's not going to be wrestling "period" after a reorganization of the storyline.

"The decision is made," he says harshly when she questions the direction they're going in.

"It really, really, really sucks to know that something you love so much is being ripped away from me," she says, crying.

Fans on social media were supportive of the Diva even in light of this setback.

Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on E!